The Cervical Cancer Cure DilemmaThe Cervical Cancer Cure Dilemma

Startling statistics were recently revealed Australia when it was stated in a university survey conducted using a professor that usage of condoms for practicing safe sex appears to be declining in young adults falling in to the ages of 16 to 26. It will simply be considered an exceptionally significant issue within this day and age when lots of good medical therapies exist.

Much scientific progress has been made over time with the treatments for many serious diseases however the ultimate goal of elusive cures for doctors continues to be to discover a cure for cancer. And it so happens that there is an STD that is definitely indirectly responsible for these cancers. It's common knowledge that the cancer is cancer of the cervix in adult females.

The sexual infection that is causing this huge problem is referred to as the Human Papilloma Virus and scientific proof now exists that signifies that there's a link between HPV and cancer of the cervix in women. Modern day treatments that are available for cancer include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and in many cases surgical treatments, however they are harsh remedies and often damage the patients body along with destroying the cancer. This is because they damage the cancer cells as well as the human cells.

So medical science took a step backwards and incredibly cleverly created a vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus. This vaccine is very effective and may be given to girls as early as twelve years of age already. Therefore they are really protected from this infection before they become sexually active and risk exposure to it.

It's logical then in summary that because the HPV infection is linked to cervical cancer, if the infection might be prevented then your incidence of cancer could drop significantly. And to take it a step forward, it will make sense having men vaccinated against HPV too. This can prevent them from being contaminated with HPV and then pass it on to some other female partners who might possibly not have been vaccinated.

But of course you will also find many folks who have been not fortunate enough to be vaccinated against HPV yet, primarily because the vaccine only has been developed recently. Several of these people have already contracted HPV infection as well as its secondary disease, genital warts. There is additionally a solution to treat warts as well, in fact it is a natural homeopathic remedy that can be found freely without a prescription.

Medical science has therefore made some serious progress in this field of STDs. Not merely are we able to treat genital warts a result of HPV infection, but we are able to now also prevent HPV infection making use of a vaccine. And for that reason ultimately it can be perfectly true to say that cervical cancer can now be prevented in many women.

by Fritz S
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