Energy And Magnetics - Let There Be Light (Part 1)Energy And Magnetics - Let There Be Light (Part 1)

This opening point is important to grasp. Generally, it is accepted that a photon cannot perform work, because it has no mass. Photons, as a quantum object, exhibit both wave-like and particle-like properties. It is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.

We all know now, and it's an accepted fact that space is not empty. The active universal-environment is filled with numerous virtual particles. It is an accepted fact that the environment of space is no longer considered inert. The electron, a tangible object, is one of the particles that exists and interacts in this medium. As an electron moves through space, it is never at rest. The continued propagation of the electromagnetic waves are constant. A photon exists entirely as a self-propagating group of electromagnetic fields. The photon is never at rest. It cannot exist at rest, and so has no "mass" or any other property at rest. Yet a photon does have "effective" mass, because the mass-energy relationship still holds true. My point is: a photon could perform work.

Additionally, photons are affected by gravitational fields, and the acceleration they experience can be computed as the change in energy as they move through a gravitational field. There's undeniable evidence of photons' mass through the mass-energy relationship existing. They simply have no resting mass.

This electromagnetic radiation produced, due to the acceleration of electric charges, has numerous identities and explained forms. It has been identified as a photon, electromagnetic radiation, cosmic rays, radio waves, infrared radiation, microwaves, ultra-violet radiation, and light. They all refer to the same thing. The genuine difference is related only to the frequency of the radiation. All of these forms, and more refer to the very same parcel of energy.

There exists only one single fundamental phenomenon. A magnetic field produced by an accelerated charge, processing all the characteristics of energy; polarization, amplitude, frequency; all represent electromagnetic radiation. It makes no sense for us to assume that the nature of light changes due to a change in the method used to identify its existence.

Science continues to be challenged as we all attempt to fully grasp the reality and potential of permanent and electro-magnetics. There remains more to learn about magnetism than one can imagine, or yet perhaps comprehend. Both Faraday and Tesla envisioned numerous devices and gave us the guidelines for achieving virtually continuous motion. It was established, even then, that the work required to move the magnetic fields about a system to harness energy would have to be eliminated. Magnetic back-drag and magnetic pole lock-up would also have to be eliminated.

The Exchange Forces; Strong and Weak, Gravitational Interactions, Magnetic and other forces conveyed through space are obviously caused and exist in an environment acting according to Laws. Granted, there is chaos, yet there is also order. Empty space is not so void of physical properties, this vacuum is quite active. Quantum Electrodynamics clearly tells us that. The propagation of electromagnetic fields within the very active universal-environment extends everywhere and is seemingly endless. The galactic masses contain electric charges, electrons and protons exist in all atoms.

When these charges move, or if the electrons are accelerated, magnetic moments then induce back electric charges, which again induce a second generation in alternating phases per Lenz law, and so on. These alternating phases of induction, plus the difference of angles, following the rule of current flow between the two energies would cause everything to spin and spiral. This is how a galactic spiral is initially formed. Can you deny the existence or these actions?

I suspect that spatial energy can be extracted with and through magnetic devices. This force can be used without the associated problematic pole lock-up or magnetic back-drag experienced by current conventional means. The coefficient-of-performance in excess of one (COP>1), as it's currently represented is possible. This is not to imply that it is exceeded, it is not.

The magnetic photon does possess effective-mass and energy. Symmetry can be broken, replaced with anisotropy and vector zero can be overcome. Work can be performed without the violation of Thermodynamic Laws. However, the second Law of Thermodynamics has known and accepted violations where negative entropy is produced temporarily, including the statistical fluctuations of an equilibrium many-particle system. Nor is it in violation of the Energy Conservation Law, the current assumption is simply incorrect.

The virtual equal and opposite actions can be nullified or modified. Within the realm of physics definitions; useful work can be performed such as displacement of a rotor in respect to a stator, and to produce unidirectional propelling forces. The structure of electrons, protons, and atoms are a continuously rotating system at the very basic level of the Universe. The active universal-environment is achieved, since the ratio of energy out, versus energy input has already exceeded unity. Please join us, for Part 2, coming soon.
by Barry Dean
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Barry Dean is an Engineer with http://www.SolarWorks211.Com an eCommerce retail outlet for Renewable Energy products, and a passion for Solar Power. He has been an enthusiast of Solar Power for almost four decades. Visit SolarWorks211
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