Thoroughly Tier Central Control Cautiously PropertyThoroughly Tier Central Control Cautiously Property

Purpose is to understand the present policy on the real impact of the real estate market, property market regulation to prevent accidental injury on the economy hotel supplies network exclusive reporter was informed by the end of June, the central level agencies commissioned to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen for property market research and private research institutions to seek the views of this more realistic understanding of current policies on the impact of the real estate market, property market regulation to prevent accidental injury to the economy, property market regulation for the development of the next stage of policy preparation.

Shenzhen, the only non-governmental organizations were consulted on the recommendations of the central control is abolished as soon as possible "double limit of double recognition."

No amount of land in April to the middle of the State Council promulgated the "new country 10" pull the curtain control the property market, then introduced several policies to respond to the central ministries and series of policy, regulation and control the speed and intensity than ever.

One month after the introduction of the New Deal, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have been traded around the "cut", which depressed the volume continues.

However, last year earned the developer pours price cuts are not in a hurry, and no land under the land supply. Shenzhen market, for example, introduced the New Deal, Shenzhen City three months after the 4,5,6 Yishou Fang average price for the 19,401 yuan / square meter, compared to March 20,435 yuan / square meter average price decreased by only 5%. Last year in June, the Shenzhen Yi Shoufang average price of only 14,908 yuan / square meter.

Economic situation further complicated with the re-emergence of complex domestic and international economic situation, which has more control to the real estate considerations.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said recently that the severity of the international financial crisis and economic recovery of more than the expected twists and turns, facing the macro-control "dilemma" problem more.

Data show that China's PMI index 52.4 in June, down 1.8 percentage points than the ring, straight month. In addition, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size, the central enterprise profits and the major industry production and sales, since April there has been growth both declined.

"China's real estate industry led with 56 upstream and downstream industries related to real estate for 2 months to maintain a very low volume, which great influence on the domestic economy." Developers told reporters in Shenzhen, across the land transaction is not active, also highlights local debt, the risk of financial institutions increased rapidly.

Thoroughly market reaction to face the global economy, the central government carefully thereof, intensive research the market for all the capacity of existing policies to prevent economic injury, the view to formulating a policy on the next phase of the property market.

Reporter was informed, by the end of June, the central level has been assigned relevant agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other private research institutions to conduct research. Er these private research institutions of the core ideas have been recorded into the VCR, submitted directly to the Central Ling Dao, Wei next phase of the central policy decision-making Cengzhi Ding Tigong recommendations.

"The central research and listen to our private research institutions such views, in the past is not the case. This shows that the central market, the most eager to learn about the real situation." Involved in the investigation of the local agency in Shenzhen premises internal reference General Manager Yinxiang Wu told reporters the central more concerned about the existing policies on the economy caused by accidental injury.

"Research to understand the situation, including new investment in the country after 10 passengers of the dynamic, 'double-double limit of acceptability' of how to promote the protection of housing construction and launch of real estate taxes and other aspects." Yinxiang Wu said.

The proposed "double double restriction recognition."

For the central research Yinxiang Wu made five recommendations, the most central is to abolish the "double limit of double recognition" policy.

"For the past three years, Shenzhen has 70-80% of turnover for the second suite above home buyers 'collar double recognition' also need to implement all the conditions to the exclusion of people buy a house, but has not been excluded purchase no conditions. In addition, strict enforcement of the policy if more than one year closer financial relations with the first and second tier cities, housing prices will likely drop more than 30% of far-reaching effects. "Yinxiang Wu said the" double limit dual recognition "of the economy will cause greater injury, the equivalent of commercial housing market, according to the" Pause," only as a stage of policy, must be abolished.

Yinxiang Wu also said that banks implement the "double limit dual recognition" cost is too high, most banks are not strictly enforced. Security around the house is expected to planning, after the introduction of executable rules, the Central cancellation in the fourth quarter is likely to "double limit of two-recognition" policy. But this does not mean that the relaxation of central control the property market, which may be by increasing the down payment or property tax to replace.
by Lanbo Jiang
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