Self Hypnosis - Fact Or Fiction?Self Hypnosis - Fact Or Fiction?

The subject of self hypnosis has been discussed for many years and there is still a lot of controversy on the subject. Although hypnosis is now widely accepted as being a form of treatment in many areas, the topic of self hypnosis is still creating a lot of debates in professional circles.

One could argue that those that dismiss it as a successful way to treat ones self are those that are either using hypnosis as a business and therefore do not want to damage their business by letting it be known that it can be done by the individual and therefore a hypnosis practitioner is not required or alternatively there are some people that still do not understand the concept of self hypnosis and therefore due to their lack of understanding they believe the system won’t or can’t work.

The debate will rage on I am sure for many more decades. However if you are skeptical about the subject I would recommend you take some time to study some of the break through cases that have emerged over the last 10 years. Some of likened the success stories to the placebo, the patient believes that the subliminal audio or message will cure him and therefore through the power of belief they then find that their self confidence has been restored or they start to lose weight. The placebo effect has also been the subject of many topical debates and the idea that one can cure their selves via a treatment program or drug that is not actually a cure and has no known curative properties is often depicted in books and films related to the laws of attraction, made famous by the film “The Secret”.

So this begs the question if you believe in the placebo effect or the laws of attraction then how can one not believe in self hypnosis? After all even if it is nonsense and is not a viable way to treat phobias, habits or mental issues then if once chooses to believe that a subliminal audio tape can cure them and they do in fact achieve success then surely they will not be persuaded other wise.

Therefore if you are a non believer then this is probably not a treatment that would help you, however if you firmly believe in the power of self hypnosis then I would suggest you act on that belief and carry out the treatment via this stream.

Not wishing to create more controversy on an already controversial subject but to all the non believers, instead of insisting it doesn’t work and being very vocal on the topic, then try telling believers that it doesn’t work and those that have been cured via this method of treatment. If they truly believe it works then who are we to tell them otherwise. 

by Patrick Fitz Gibbon
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