Will Live Streaming Video Eliminate The Way We Conference?Will Live Streaming Video Eliminate The Way We Conference?

When networking and reaching out to clients, as well as making business deals, conferencing is vital to every business. How effective a conference is determines how successful the business deal may or may not be. Traditionally, many conferences have taken place over conference calls, or calls where more than one phone line are able to connect at once and allow multiple people to talk to one another. With new forms of technology come new forms of conferencing. Currently, live streaming video is an extremely popular--and cheap--way to conference.

Live streaming video involves taking a video and broadcasting it live over the Internet. This involves a camera for the video, an encoder to digitize the content, a video publisher, and a Content delivery Network to distribute and deliver the content. Many broadcasted videos may also wish to use a microphone in order to transmit high quality sound along with the video. The URL linked to this live video can then be viewed by both businesses and clients.

This revolutionary way of communicating is valuable to many businesses and organizations. Streaming live video allows for a presentation to reach a much larger audience than the room it is held in might hold, making it possible for a business to have a large meeting or announcement without having to schedule multiple sessions or presentations. An audio/visual systems integration specialist company can provide and install all the necessary equipment in a way that is user friendly as well as provide technical support when needed.

This new technology seeks to change the way businesses communicate with one another as well as internally. Not only does streaming live video allow a business to transmit a presentation, speech, or meeting to others in various locations, but it also can help to eliminate the cost of travel. Streaming live video can also help a business to present to a customer that may have passed them up due to location, because they can stay where they are and still view the presentation in real time.

Currently, there are many websites that offer free live video streaming. This makes it possible for anyone with a computer to access the live content. People no longer have to go to the office to conference or present. Instead, with live streaming video, individuals are able to conference or view a presentation from just about anywhere--at home, a coffee shop, a park, etc. In addition to live streaming conferences, live video streaming allows sporting events, concerts, political speeches, and other important events to be broadcast live on the internet.

With such a wide range of availability and functions, it is no surprise that live video streaming may soon replace phone conferencing. Landline phone conferences can be pricy and expensive, depending on the distance between a client and a business. Pretty soon, it could be that phone conferencing will be a way of the past. With live video streaming, clients and businesses are able to connect with the click of a button. Video streaming is faster, cheaper, and highly more efficient than current forms of conferencing.
by Robert A. Leggio Jr C.T.S
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AVS Installations Robert Leggio has been an officer with several major audio visual companies since 1985. Having extensive audio equipment knowledge, Robert brings AVSI to an elite level with high standards.http://www.avsillc.com Co-Sponsored By: Mitsubishi, Tandberg, and AMX Corp.
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