Basic Care Of Hot TubsBasic Care Of Hot Tubs

The attention-span of people nowadays is so short that you can't get them to read the entire manual of a gadget they buy. It's true with cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and even hot tubs. Five minutes of browsing and they go, "Naaah, I'll just learn as I go along." And go along they do, calling hot tub hotlines with their inquiries, "My hot tub's water is dirty. What do I do?" "It's stated in the Caring for Hot Tubs section in the manual, Sir." "Who reads manuals, son?!"

If you are like those people who buy hot tubs without reading the manual, I advise that you print this page and post it somewhere near your hot tub for easy reference. Basic care of hot tubs is important so that it stays safe, hygienic and in top condition. Here are some caring tips that you have to follow:

1. Check the water's pH level by using test strips. A pH range of 7.4-7.6 is the best level to sanitize and protect hot tubs and their parts, higher or lower level of alkalinity results in corrosion of the hot tub. This is also the ideal condition for hot tub users. Hot tub pH minus and pH plus must be used accordingly to meet the desired level.

2. Check for calcium hardness. Soft water has less calcium than hard water. Calcium hardness level must be between 100-200 mg/l. Too high calcium hardness will make your water hazy, while too low calcium hardness will lead to corrosion.

3. Bromine or chlorine can be used to sanitize hot tubs. Bromine gives off a strong smell, so more people favor chlorine to clean hot tubs. This is important to kill bacteria and avoid algae growth. Dipping in an un-sanitized hot tub can cause skin diseases.

4. Cleaning the water in hot tubs every 2 months is a good practice. Some hot tub companies claim that cleaning once a year is enough, but we're talking about hygiene here. If you use your hot tub regularly, especially with other people, frequent cleaning is necessary. Drain the water off your hot tub. You will notice a line around the bottom of the hot tub. That line on hot tubs is breeding ground for algae and bacteria and must be scrubbed off. There are hot tub cleaning pastes that you can buy in stores to remove the water line.

5. Clean your hot tub's filter monthly. Calcium deposits, hair and clothing threads get trapped in filters. Hot tubs' filters must be kept clean for proper water circulation and hygiene purposes. There are filter cleaners available in the market. You must replace your filter quarterly.

6. Regularly clean your hot tub cover. Brushing the cover is ideal, but for the impatient, you may get your garden hose and blast away. Do not let the leaves or tree branches on the cover get into hot tubs as these may carry germs and other impurities.

7. If you are a fan of fragrances, use fragrances that are made for hot tubs. Bath tub fragrances have a different chemical composition that may corrode your hot tub shell.
by Alexander Keaton
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Alex Keaton gives advice on hot tubs. He loves a relaxing dip in his outdoor hot tub during summer, while it is his favorite to lounge in front of his napoleon gas fireplace during winter.
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