Quit Smoking Using Subliminal AudioQuit Smoking Using Subliminal Audio

Subliminal audio is a form of self hypnosis which many people are now using to help them break habits, especially where other forms of treatment haven't been successful. Although it is used commonly to help people lose weight, many people are now turning to subliminal messages to also help them quit smoking.

Generally people think of hypnosis as something that sends you into a trance like state, however this is not strictly so with subliminal audio. Generally these types of messages allow people to carry out everyday activities while they listen to the messages on their IPod or car stereo and are very useful when one doesn't have the time or the funds to go a hypnotherapist.

The way it works and the way it can help is by way of sending positive affirmations to the subconscious part of the brain that in actual fact makes up the majority, ninety percent. It will instill these messages deep into your subconscious and whilst you are not even aware of it, they can and do have a significant impact on the way a person thinks and feels.

The subliminal messages are actually hidden within the sounds and music that is played and although you cannot hear them, they are embedding into the deeper par of your conscious thought and will help you break habits that have been somewhat difficult to break in the past.

Many people who have used this method to give up smoking state that after a period of several days they start to feel the need not to smoke and although they can't explain why they feel this way after several years or even decades of being addicted to nicotine they suddenly become aware of the fact that they do not actually need or want to smoke. Although it is not considered a quick fix and people do not automatically become non smokers over night, it is a very effective method of breaking the smoking cycle, which is now becoming more popular. Due the fact that it is very inexpensive compared to other products designed to help you give up smoking. Like nicotine replacement products for example.

It is also a very simple method and with the availability of online downloads subliminal audio can be accessed quickly and cheaply. Although many people use this method alongside other treatments like nicotine replacement, this is actually not necessary as many people who have used subliminal messages as a form of treatment have been successful using them alone. Once you have your downloads you can start straight and if you feel after a few days that you would also benefit from an additional form of treatment then you can do so then but you should find it effective on its own.

by Patrick Fitz Gibbon
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More help and info on subliminal audio can be found at our site. Find out how subliminal messages can help by clicking the links. 

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