How To Replace A Damaged Garage Door RemoteHow To Replace A Damaged Garage Door Remote

The advancement of technology has definitely shaped our future including minute details of opening our garage doors with garage door remotes. The once reliable and recognized- to- be a revolutionary switch or button, has now become passé with the influx of wireless and cable- free garage door remotes. Gone are the days of going down the car and manually switching the garage door open. The convenience that garage door remotes provide magnified comfort and convenience for every homeowner who looks forward everyday to going home after a hard day’s work.

Although there are still people who stick with button-operated garage doors, garage door remotes is the answer to a clamor of efficiency, comfort and convenience. However, if there are problems along the way and the garage door remote refuses entry to the garage, you do not have to worry! A damaged garage door remote can be replaced!

Most often, the garage door remote has a duplicate copy available upon purchase, the main function of it, is to replicate the function of a lost remote control. This goes in the same way with car remotes, door and cabinet keys. On the other hand, most garage doors for sale have inclusive garage door remotes compete with duplicates, all in one package. So, this will not create so much of a hassle if your garage door remote is damaged. Just pick out the duplicate and voila, your garage door is wide open.

There are cases however that the duplicates are either lost or misplaced. Now, this is another scenario to deal with. Your duplicate remotes may fall on the wrong hands and security may be another pressing concern. Put your duplicate garage door remote at an accessible and safe location. You may put it in your car, in your bag or perhaps inside the house where it is easy to find when in need.

If you do not have the duplicates on hand, it is advisable to replace immediately your damaged garage door remote. Visit and inquire from your garage door manufacturer because they have professionals who can advise you with what kind or garage door remote to use. This is the smartest thing to do. You can also search for queries online on best brands for garage door remotes to have a better grasp of it.

Look for a garage door remote that is similar and well- matched with your garage door. If you cannot find exactly the same damaged garage door remote, Genie and Chamberlain remote controls work well with just about any garage doors available in the market. The idea of replacing garage door remote parts may not be plausible, in fact, it is much easier and convenient to buy a new one rather than look for the parts to take its place.

When you are able to decipher the likeness in function with the damaged garage door remote, your new- found garage door remote must be able to get the proper programming needed to make it work. Again, trusted manufacturers can do this service for you at a fraction of a cost or perhaps, even free.

When replacing a damaged garage door remote, first look for its duplicate. In the absence of a duplicate, you need to purchase a new one that is compatible with your garage door openers. If the garage door remote does not match with the garage door, you can never force your car in the garage! You just have to have one that is compatible, properly programmed to be safe and functional.
by Marvin Lyon
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Marvin Lyon is a garage door experts. He has more than 5 years experienced on installations and repair of garage door parts such as garage door springs, genie garage door and many others. Visit for your garage door needs.
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