The Best Slow Cooker - Cook An Entire Meal With One ApplianceThe Best Slow Cooker - Cook An Entire Meal With One Appliance

The slow cooker. What a wonderful product. There is no denying the fact that this appliance has revolutionized the cooking experience. It facilitates multi-tasking and therefore makes the daily chores of life a whole lot easier for working mothers, stay-at-home-mothers, and housewives in general.

So, what is the slow cooker? The slow cooker, also referred to as a crock- pot, is a small electric cooking appliance that cooks while maintaining a low temperature compared to other cooking methods. Because of this low temperature, the slow cooker allows you to leave your cooking unattended for many hours.

The slow cooker was developed by the Naxon Utilities Corporation of Chicago. It was introduced as the Nazon Beanery All-Purpose Cooker. In 1970, Naxon Utilities Corporation was purchased by the Rival Company. In 1971, Rival reintroduced the slow cooker under the name Crock-Pot, and introduced removable stoneware inserts in 1974. The brand is now owned by Sunbeam Products. Presently, there are several other brands of the slow cooker including Hamilton Beach, West Bend Housewares, and Magic Chef.

The slow cooker consists of a round or oval cooking pot with a lid. The cooking pot is made of glazed ceramic or porcelain and is surrounded by a housing which contains an electric heating element. The lid, which is mainly of transparent glass, is seated in a groove in the edge of the pot. The condensed vapor that is trapped in the groove of the pot edge provides a low-pressure seal to the atmosphere. When a slow cooker is in use, the pressure inside is at atmospheric pressure, despite the water vapor generated inside the pot. It is for this reason that a slow cooker is much different from a pressure cooker. With the slow cooker, there is no danger from a sudden pressure release.

The majority of slow cookers have two or more temperature settings and sometimes a "keep warm" setting. A typical slow cooker is designed to heat food to 170o F (77o C) on low, to perhaps 190-200o F (88-93oC) on high.

Recently, there was another upgrade to the slow cooker. This upgrade, in my opinion, qualifies this appliance to be called the best slow cooker. This improved slow cooker was introduced by the Slow Cooker Mate company and the appliance is called the Slow Cooker Mate. With this appliance, you can cook a meal in one pot and take your cooking to a whole new level while making a complete meal in one slow cooker.

The Best Slow Cooker is an innovative three chamber slow cooker that allows you to cook an entire meal with one appliance. The large capacity base crock is removable for easy serving and clean-up. The unique stoneware divided insert, which is found only in The Best Slow Cooker, allows you to cook two more items at the same time. You can cook vegetables, warm dips or sauces and much more. Both stoneware crocks are microwave and dishwasher safe. The lid is also dishwasher safe. The Best Slow Cooker is ideal for the chef in the house who is already short of time.
by Selvin Flores
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Selvin Flores is an Internet Marketer who owns several websites providing public information on various topics. To find out more about the best slow cooker and to purchase yours today, go to: The Best Slow Cooker
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