Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC SystemTips For Maintaining Your HVAC System

For the most part, modern HVAC systems found in homes and businesses are both reliable and durable. Nonetheless, there are basic maintenance tasks that must be undertaken regularly in order to keep your system running at its optimal efficiency. Absent proper maintenance, your HVAC system will not last as long as it should. By performing simple and regular maintenance, you can decrease the chance that the system will end up needing costly major repairs in the future. A well-maintained HVAC system is one that is functioning properly, thus using energy more efficiently - which is not just good for your heating and cooling budget but also for the environment. Let's look at some simple maintenance jobs that you can perform on your own that will work to keep your HVAC running at peak performance.

Maintaining Your System by the "Book"

As a general rule, the owner's manual that accompanied your HVAC system when it was installed should be referred to when performing maintenance on the system. This detailed manual will give you a better working knowledge of your system and also usually contains a recommended maintenance schedule that you should follow. Typically, your manual will give you instructions on performing basic inspections to make certain that the system is working as it was designed to do. If you unearth a problem during a basic inspection, it is often best practice to call out a professional to make a repair. An inspection should be performed in early spring and early fall. Early inspections give you a chance to call out a professional for assistance before the peak season when you may need to wait a day or two for help.

Basic Inspections

A basic inspection can help you to discover small problems long before they become major issues. Look for any leaking water that might be coming from around your system. Leaking water is an indicator that the system is not draining properly or that the unit is leaking. For peak system performance, it is crucial that the right amount of water is maintained in the system at all times. Thus, a leak or poor drainage can indicate a problem that might be more costly to repair on down the road. Visually inspect all hoses for leaks or cracks, or look for areas that might be weak. Look to see that the condensate tube is draining as it should.

Clean Filters are Important

It is also important that you maintain the filter of your HVAC unit. A clean filter will allow the furnace and air conditioner to work properly while also helping to maintain the quality of air within your home. If your HVAC system uses disposable filters, then you must change them at least every month during the prime heating and cooling periods of the year. If the system has an electrostatic filter that must be cleaned, this should also be done regularly. Have your duct work cleaned out every three years or so as well, which helps to maintain your home's air quality.

Annual Maintenance by Professional

As a homeowner, regular maintenance and inspection of your HVAC system is important. But it is also equally important that a professional inspection is conducted annually. A HVAC contractor is trained to do an intense inspection of your system in order to find problems that the average homeowner would not be capable of unearthing. This annual inspection is also a great time for you to have small repairs made before they turn into larger, more costly problems.
by Fiona Baron
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