New Addiction Symptoms For People In Modern SocietyNew Addiction Symptoms For People In Modern Society

Facing the double pressure of family and society, office workers especially some single ones devote more energy to their works. Once they stop their works, they will feel helpless and even have the depression of being abandoned. All these negative feelings are buried under the numerous tasks, and psychologists often call it “Pressure Addiction”.

The charm of pressure is the main reason of addiction. People are eager to the feeling of “be needed”, especially for women. To make their existing more important, people often fill full schedule and they are never bored to plan the next action. On the contrary, if these people relax down, they will have a sense of guilt. Even though they cannot find the reason of pressure, they will create some pressure for themselves so that they can be in a high tense status. Otherwise, they will feel empty because their self-value is not fully realized. They believe that people are more successful if they do more than others. In fact, no people could live happily under pressure. And if they live under the pressure for long term, their emotion and health will be damaged seriously.

Salt addiction is caused by the salty diet habits and it is mainly the psychological dependence. The relationship between salt and life is the relationship between three elements including chlorine, sodium and potassium and human electrolytes. Foods contain salt originally, and it is enough to maintain the body’s normal physiological balance. Why do people still need to take excessive salts? There are too answers in scientific community.

Firstly, the salt people take from foods could only meet the temporary requirements of body. Sweating and other reasons may lead to the large loss of salt, and people have to supplement salt as soon as possible. In the long evolution process, human body forms the habit of storing salt as they have the opportunity.

Secondly, the salt could improve the taste of foods obviously and stimulate the appetite. However, some people could also keep healthy without eating salt, and it also proves that the salt in common foods is enough to meet the requirement of body. Eating salt may be a kind of habit, which is inherited to nowadays.

Other diseases such as internet addition and information addition are the production of developed technology and society. If people have such psychological problems, it is better for them to consult psychological doctors and seek for solutions.

by Toryyang
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