Pool Enclosures And Their BenefitsPool Enclosures And Their Benefits

Pool enclosures offer many benefits. Having a pool is a great way to have fun outdoors. Parties can be planned around them and they are great for exercise. The amount of time during the year a pool may be enjoyed is limited. How limited depends on the area you reside in. More northern climates may have just three months out of the year before the weather outdoors is too cold to use it.

An enclosure will allow for year round enjoyment. They can be used at home or at a business. The resident is able to continue swimming as if it is summer all year long. A business with an outdoor pool is able to offer swimming to its customers year round. It is like having an indoor pool without the same expense.

As a homeowner there are no special permits needed and there are no additional property taxes. It is a good idea to check with local government regarding allowable height. The reason there are no taxes added on is because typically the enclosure is considered a temporary structure.

An enclosure for a pool may be fixed or retractable. With the fixed structure it can be removed when its time to swim and then replaced. It can be locked down to keep it in place. The retractable structure moves on rails with separate areas able to open. It can also have a door at one end to keep it completely closed. These may move manually or may be motorized.

The construction is specially made to retain heat without condensation. If the pool is heated, the temperature will remain relatively the same no matter the season. Leaves will no longer be a problem because they will never make it into the pool. Maintenance will be drastically reduced as will the amount of chemical needed.

The panels are weather resistant. The way these are connected they keep out the wind and rain. Once in place it can withstand high winds. Snow does not affect it either. All that is necessary is to clean the snow off the structure. Clean up is easy, simply sweep off leaves or lightly scrape off the snow.

Each panel is made of either insulated glass or polycarbonate. This keeps in the heat of the sun and creates solar energy. The glass has a thermal glaze, this can increase the temperature of the pool by up to twenty degrees. The glass is also treated to keep any fogging or condensation from building up. Professional installation is best but they are considered easy to install.

The pool enclosures are available in different heights. Some are high enough and wide enough to enclose the pool and surrounding patio. These also have the head room to allow standing. The low profile ones allow swimming but standing is not possible. These are ideal since they are so low they are not visible by neighbors and minimally affect the line of the backyard. They are available in several shapes as well as material. They can be beautiful and create and outdoor oasis for the entire year.
by Adriana J Noton
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For both residential and commercial clients, custom built structures open many different spaces up to the sun, air and stars. These include retractable roofs and retractable skylights, atriums, patios, anywhere that a truly open space is desired.
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