The Elevator Division Of NYC And Elevator Emergencies In NYCThe Elevator Division Of NYC And Elevator Emergencies In NYC

The department of buildings in New York City handles complaints and manages all elevators in the city. There are thousands of elevators over the landscape of the New York City area and they must all be supervised. This is a large job to manage but it is handled with precision each day by an experienced staff. The Elevator Division of NYC oversees elevators in hotels, apartments, skyscrapers, and many other facilities. The lives of thousands of people depend upon the integral workings of these elevator experts each day.

Getting on and off an elevator is the last thing any citizen wants to be concerned with, elevators are expected to work as efficiently as the side walk. Elevator systems have evolved along with the city of New York, and have become extremely efficient. Elevator safety is not left to the casual beginner. Each elevator must be approved by a professional engineer or a registered Architect. Plans must be formed and reviewed for code and design compliance before an elevator system gets approval for installation.

The department of buildings elevator division is very serious about elevator safety. Each accident must be reported and nothing on the scene can be touched until the department can assess the situation.

There are elevators used all over the world but NYC is unique. Elevators are the life of New York without theses modern wonders the city would not be able to function efficiently. In this huge metropolis there are elevators of all sizes. Some are for servicing cargo and others are for useful but decorative purposes. The view from glass elevators is just stunning while working quite efficiently. Versatile and hard working elevators are installed in any sized building in the city where they are necessary and made secure by the Elevator Division of NYC.

The buildings of the world are getting higher and higher and the elevator industry seems to step up to the challenge of creating a system to handle the load. The future of the elevator system in NYC is forever changing and just as the elevator industry has stepped up to build better equipment for any elevator use it will continue to serve the city of NY with the supervision of the Elevator Division of NYC.

Elevator Emergencies in NYC

New York City has over sixty-three thousand elevators in use every day. Some may only travel three to four floors while others travel upwards of fifty to sixty floors in one trip. Keeping these elevators safe and in good operating condition is a joint effort of building owners and the New York City Department of Buildings - Elevator Division. In order for an elevator to be installed, it must adhere to the several regulations set by the Buildings Department, including setting the weight and persons limit. After the elevator has been deemed safe by the Buildings Department, its first inspection must be performed by a certified private elevator inspection company hired by the building owner. The private company checks all cables, safety switches and devices, and electronic components to make sure they are in perfect operating condition.

New York City requires annual inspections by a private licensed inspection company such as CBA Consultants in addition to periodic inspections performed by the New York City Department of Buildings Inspectors. At the completion of each inspection, a copy of the inspection form is sent to the New York City Department of Buildings where they house all records for every elevator in the city. The certifications must be updated by the inspectors themselves and displayed in the elevators as well as given to the building's owner as public record.

Although these precautions are taken, accidents can and do still happen. Common elevator emergencies include malfunction due to too many people in an elevator which exceeds the weight limit, and electrical problems. In case of such emergencies, the New York City Department of Buildings requires that phones be installed in all New York City elevators. These phones connect passengers to a dispatcher who is trained and instructed to contact an elevator maintenance representative or the New York City Fire Department in the event of a severe emergency. If you are ever stuck in an elevator do not panic if there is no emergency phone, or it is inoperative, call 911 for emergencies or 311 for non-emergencies and asked to be directed to the elevator division. The key is to not panic and wait for the proper authorities. In most cases, service representatives can manually open the elevator on a safe floor but in major emergencies the fire department can open the doors using force.

New York City prides itself on having safe elevators.
by Wilson Castrillon
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Wilson Castrillon has been in the elevator industry for over 25 years. In the 1990s he received his NYC Department of Buildings inspector's license and his QEI Certification. In 1999 he started his own elevator consulting business providing design, engineering, and more.
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