Increase Web Site Traffic With New Marketing TechniquesIncrease Web Site Traffic With New Marketing Techniques

Do you want to increase web site traffic, but you are in a rut, or you don't have a big advertising budget? There are ways to market your business to sell more products or services that will not cost you an ?arm and a leg.? The key is to find what works for your individual business-because what works well for some will not work well for others. Although pay-per-click services are one of the most common ways that people use to increase website traffic, there are other ways that may be even more effective to not only increase the traffic but make it more productive in sales as well. There are basically two areas to consider: ways to increase web site traffic and the web site design.

Increasing Traffic

--Pay per click'this has been in practice for many years. Businesses bid for the right to use certain keywords or phrases. The highest bidders are placed at the top of search engines, making them more likely to be ?clicked on? and increase web site traffic. The only problem with this is that sometimes you can get ?false clicks? from a competitor or ?curiosity clicks? from web surfers who have no intention of buying and you are still paying for those clicks. You might want to look at pay per sale services instead.

--Another way to increase web site traffic is to double target potential customers. This is similar to pay per click but the visitors who enter your keyword or keyword phrases are sent first to an informational article page with your ad featured on it. You are only charged when they click on your ad. In this way you increase web site traffic with customers who have expressed specific interest in your product.

--Blogging is something that you may or may not have considered as a way to increase web site traffic. When you use a free blog you can put links to affiliated sites, links to your site and information which will interest potential customers in your products and services like upcoming sales and new product info. You can even get customer feedback on your blog.

Web site design can also increase web site traffic. You should make sure that your site is easy to navigate, uses colors which complement your product rather than detract from it, and has graphics and font styles which are professional if you want to increase web site traffic. Put important information at the top of the page and links should be easy to find. Customers will appreciate as much information as you can give them, but not all bunched on one page. Have a FAQ page or some other format so that they can get all of the information they need without searching on someone else's site.

by Eriani Doyel
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