The Comfort And Joy Of Owning A Platform BedThe Comfort And Joy Of Owning A Platform Bed

The days when you needed a box spring and a hard to assemble bed are long gone. Today, platform beds will help you have an amazing sleeping experience and you get to enjoy the killer designs that platform beds come in.
Here are just a few of the many reasons why platform beds are becoming so popular:

Increase the Spaciousness of Your Room

Platform beds have the unique ability of making your room seem larger and more spacious than it really is.
This is because of how low it sits to the ground. It adds an air of largeness to the room, giving it more of a look and feel of luxury.

An Incredibly Modern Look

If you want to have a look that will "wow" visitors, then look no further. The platform bed will do just that.
The platform bed has a sleek, simplistic look that adds a very contemporary feel to the design. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so there's something for almost any kind of bedroom.

No Need for a Box Spring

Tired of squeaky, popped or sharp springs? The platform bed eliminates this issue completely.

By eliminating the box spring, you do wonders for the ease and comfort of your bedding. For one, you never need to replace the box spring, which generally pops, breaks or squeaks after a few years.

Second, you don't have to carry a box spring around when you move. Everyone's had the nightmare experience of trying to shove a box spring through a door that's just too small.

Finally, it's just as comfortable - Yet it's more affordable, more stylish and more elegant at the same time.

Space Beneath the Bed

There are several different styles of platform beds, each with a different way to utilize the space beneath the bed.

• No Space. Some designs opt to eliminate the space beneath the bed entirely, to reduce dust buildup which some people are allergic to.

• Blank Space. This allows people to store whatever they want under the bed, much as you might with a bed that has a bed frame.

• Drawers. One style that's unique to platform beds is the drawers beneath the bed design.

The Many Sizes Available

You can buy platform beds in twin size, full size, queen size or king size. Make sure that before you make your purchase, you measure out your room and see that the bed will fit.

In addition to making the bed itself fit, it's generally a good idea to leave some room around the sides so the bed doesn't appear to be crowding the room. Instead of giving the room a luxurious impression because of the large bed, often times it'll highlight the smallness of a room instead.

Are you ready to upgrade your bedding experience? Then go online and find a platform bed that you love. Place your order and your bedding experience will never be the same again.
by Randshan J Saldin
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Platform bedroom sets are a sleek and sexy alternative to the boring box spring and mattress on the floor combination. I love to men's bedrooms where dark wood platform beds are the central focus of a fully masculine room. Platform beds also scream modernity and style.
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