Reducing Water & Humudity Levels In Your HomeReducing Water & Humudity Levels In Your Home

Water in your basement seeping through your basement walls can cause a whole wrath of problems for the home owner or occupant family. High humidity levels and seepage have to be dealt with. Otherwise costly damage to property can occur, health issues can occur, mould and mildew be present resulting in unsightly odors.
What can be done to remedy the situation of water seeping into your home via the basement walls as well as reducing humidity overall in your abode?

First of all the issue may be dealt with very simply and easily by channeling water away from the home and exterior walls. Eaves troughs may have to be cleaned of debris or repaired. This is an annual task that needs doing on a regular and ongoing basis.

Knowing your property can help. It always seems that some eaves - or pipes feeding eaves seem to catch more debris and clog up faster and more thoroughly than others.

For example you may have a particular elm tree that sheds prodigious amounts of seeds each year. Knowing your property and maintenance orders can lead you with the knowledge that one side of your home more than the other may needs its eaves and pipes attended to. Next should you install pipe extensions to channel water that collect in the eavestroughs systems further away from its current water pooling areas. Along with that you might want to contact a landscaper to fill in low areas of your lot or sod so that waste water does not pool there , runs away or is sponged up so that it does not collect or pool outside basement walls to result in seepage via these exterior facing basement walls.
Simple channels as well might be dug to lead water away from the building or buildings.

Next if seepage has occurred via exterior facing basement walls always note that water may not be a product of where you find it. Water runs to lower levels and places automatically. The contractor's term is that "Water runs". Hence be fully aware that where you find water residue may well not be its area of entry and origin. For example seepage through floors or via a wall may well introduce water as well as humid air which can well condense on cold surfaces - cold glass or masonry for example far away far away from the actual point of entry.

The solution in such an event is to reduce humidity levels in the home. Ensure that areas of high humidity such as the kitchen, showering and bathroom areas and utility room washers and clothes dryers have adequate and functional venting of exhaust air to the outside. In the case of clothes driers - both electric and gas ensure that the exhaust of the drier is not occluded with lint , the lint traps have been cleaned and that the exhaust venting to the exterior is clean , not kinked and not filled up with trapped lint.

The answer to high humidity levels, water in the home and even wet basements is often not as complex or serious as a concerned home owner might first imagine. Before you run out and obtain estimates for costly repairs to exterior walls and even expensive foundation repairs take the time to investigate and follow through on simple steps to either reduce water outside by your home ,and as well take concrete steps to reduce water and moisture levels in your home itself. First things first.
by Noella I Snowshoe
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