Where To Turn For Retirement Planning AdviceWhere To Turn For Retirement Planning Advice

Engaging in retirement planning has become challenging for most Americans. In addition to not knowing which investments are safe, finding the money to contribute to retirement funds has become difficult to find. Sadly, millions of U.S. citizens lost their retirement portfolios, along with their jobs and can no longer afford to save for their golden years.

Regardless of personal finances, retirement planning should be placed at the top of your priority list. Whether it's investing five dollars into a high yield savings account or opening an investment account, it is never too early or late to plan for the future.

Those who don't engage in retirement planning will end up living on a fixed income based on Social Security contributions. Sadly, these benefits may run out long before people arrive at retirement age.

The earlier a retirement plan is established, the easier it will be to accrue the funds you will require to continue with your accustomed lifestyle. There are many investment options which allow your money to work for you. Becoming educated about the different financial products is the key to success.

It is important to gather retirement planning information from trusted sources. The Internet offers a wide assortment of wealth-building schemes, so caution must be exercised when conducting online research. It is best to obtain information from government agencies, certified financial planners, and professional retirement planners.

One of the world's most recognized retiree advocates is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Their website provides visitors with an extensive collection of retirement planning information and resources.

Visitors can obtain information about mutual funds, stocks and bonds, individual retirement accounts, employee pension plans, low-cost index investments, and real estate investments. Everything you ever wanted to know about retirement planning can be found at AARP.org.

SocialSecurity.gov provides retirement planning tools and information, along with worksheets to help citizens determine eligibility amounts of their retirement benefits. Social Security benefit amounts are based on the number of years worked and earned income.

The U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Committee founded MyMoney.gov; a website focused on providing financial and retirement planning information and resources. Visitors can call 1-888-MyMoney to order a complimentary personal financial toolkit that includes a Consumer Action handbook filled with helpful resources.

Some employers offer retirement planning seminars, while others offer counseling services or resources through Human Resources department. It is always wise to take advantage of opportunities to learn how to create a more secure retirement.

Banks and credit unions often offer retirement planning services. Contact your bank's manager to inquire about financial planning resources offered. At minimum, banks offer investment and retirement planning brochures in their lobby.

Financial planners and real estate investors can provide advice about developing investment portfolios to achieve long- and short-term goals. Established investors can be an exceptional source for acquiring retirement advice.

Take time to explore all available options to determine which are best suited for your needs. Regardless of your income, develop an investment plan and start saving for the future. Once you begin investigating options, chances are you will be eager to put your money to work.
by Simon Volkov
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Discover more retirement planning strategies from real estate investor, Simon Volkov. He shares hundreds of personal finance and investment articles and resources via his website at www.SimonVolkov.com.
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