How To Avoid Making Auto Repair Direct Mail MistakesHow To Avoid Making Auto Repair Direct Mail Mistakes

It is a simple fact that everyone makes mistakes. And an error here or there just assures us that we are in fact human. However, some mistakes are more costly than others and may be avoidable. When it comes to your auto repair shop direct mail campaign, you can avoid some costly errors with a little forethought and planning.

Sloppy Copy

Spelling counted in grade school for a reason and it still counts today. Proofread everything you send out several times. Even a single spelling or grammatical error will certainly be the first thing a potential client sees. And do not count on the printer to catch errors. Once you approve the proof, it will go to print errors and all.

Check all of the important information in the copy. Don’t forget to proof your address, website URL, phone number and social media handles. A mistake in any of these areas will keep customers from finding you.

Bad lists

While the text, art and photos on your auto repair direct mail flyer certainly are all important, there is one other item that is more important than any of these. The most critical part of your campaign is the mailing list.

Getting your mailer out to the right people at the right time is arguably the most important part of any direct mail campaign. It won’t matter how compelling your ad is if you send it to someone who isn’t interested or in need of your services.

Make sure the mailing lists you use are appropriate and effective. Retool them often to cut out bad addresses and add interested parties from your in-house lists and social media sites.

Forgetting the Call

The “call to action” is the calling card of a good auto repair marketing flyer. This is the way you get people out of the driveway and into your shop. It could be a coupon for a service, an invitation to a special sale or a free gift for coming to the shop. Your direct mail piece needs to ask the customer to do something with the information you’ve sent, not just hand them that information. Make the call to action strong and compelling by imposing a time limit on the service or price.

Failing to Follow Up

A one-time automotive repair direct mailing might get some responses but adding a follow-up will improve the effectiveness of the overall campaign. Sending out a reminder that time is about to run out on that special promotion might get more people in the doors. It will certainly get your name in front of their eyes again.

Don’t make mistakes with your advertising dollars. They are too precious in today’s economy to waste on avoidable errors.
by Greg Sands
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