Who's The King-Yahoo Or GoogleWho's The King-Yahoo Or Google

Yahoo and Google search engines are the two giants of internet marketing, if you want to earn online and generate traffic, than you must have knowledge about the SEO techniques used by these search engines. This article will give you short glimpse of the working of these two.GoogleThe word “Google” was actually derived from a mathematical term “Googol” which means 1 followed by 100 zeros. The “Google” was founded by two PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brinn in January 1996, the employers of Google are approximately 3,201. The company is based in Silicon Valley. The main source of revenue of Google is its Adwords service, according to financial results approximately 98% of revenue is generated by Adwords, in which the larger share of 50% revenue comes from Ad’s on Google’ US websites. Google attracted the world’s attention by launching its world satellite imaging tool “Google Earth” in 2005.

If we take a look at search engine traffic, then Yahoo is at number one place as far as the overall internet traffic is concerned, which is due to its “Yahoo mail” service. Google has also launched its mail service in 2005 for free of cost in 2005 namely “Gmail”. Google shares main search engine traffic because of its referral searches. Google is the most well-known search engine of the internet marketing, it drives millions of visitors monthly, the thing which makes it number one search engine is that it delivers information within a second, and you will find best possible information on the first page of results. If you want to optimize your website than you should make it Google-friendly to get highest possible traffic to your website, it is stated by many renowned companies that they are taking five figure monthly incomes with the traffic by Google alone. The SEO techniques of both Yahoo and Google are almost same, if you have optimized for any one of these search engine then you do not need to optimize for each engine, you will be automatically ranked for the other, both uses back links to upgrade your rank, the higher the back links you have, the higher will be your rank in search results. Yahoo

Yahoo is a short form of “Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”, this company was launched by two PhD students David Fillo and jerry king in 1994, and this company is also Silicon Valley based. The employees of this company are 7,600. Yahoo also earns heavily from its ads and sponsored links, yahoo gets almost 87% revenues from its marketing strategies and 12% from its fees. Main source of its revenue is its “Yahoo mail” service, which comprises of almost 40% of visitors out of 345 million monthly visitors. Yahoo owns both public and private companies whereas Google owns private companies only. Yahoo’s biggest acquisition is Broadcast.com which was established by Mark Cuban to cover the favorite sports events in 1999 , Yahoo purchased it for 5.7$ billion . There are many other acquisitions of Yahoo like “ViaWeb”, “Yoyodyne” and “Hotjobs”.At the end of the day, it depends upon you and your use that makes either Yahoo or Google the king of internet. But depending on the popularity, you can say Google has captured a vast audience.
by Lisa Darr
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