Shield Your Online Business With High Assurance SSL CertificatesShield Your Online Business With High Assurance SSL Certificates

The Internet as an enterprise tool is increasing considerably each year, but overall, the internet shopping rate is not increasing as might be expected. Most website owners are not getting the expected profit from their sites. In this article, we will emphasize the Internet’s enterprise problems and suggest solutions to help out e-commerce organizations. Notably, phishing is increasingly widespread. One study found 11,121 new phishing internet sites alone; with over 100 brands hi-jacked by phishers this year.

Lately more and more phishers have been effective in tricking the community into providing private details with the use of a “Domain Validation SSL Certificate” or DV SSL certificate.  This type of SSL Certificate, which is the most commonly used because they are cheap and fast, go through almost no background check to confirm the website owner is a legitimate company (the validation process). These certificates confirm only ownership of the website, but do not check further details about the company behind an SSL network. Many people ignorantly believe that a protected network means a respected network. This, of course, is not the case. Unfortunately these SSL Certificates look primarily the same in major browsers as one with business documentation, thereby allowing a phisher’s website to look “as secure” as your real website.

High Assurance or Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates—not to be confused with organization validation or OV SSL, which are also sometimes called “High Assurance”— are treated very differently now. Internet Explorer 7 was the first browser to take advantage of this new technology, with others like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome close behind. This standard was proactively developed by the CA/Browser Forum, creating the Green Address Bar certificates, referred to commonly as EV SSL Certificates.

High Assurance SSL Certificates are issued to legally accountable companies; an individual cannot attain one. During the application process, a High Assurance Certification Authority will ensure that only fully authenticated and validated information—such as the domain name, company name, address, city, state and country—are included within the certificate. Through a visitor’s browser, the authenticated credentials are available for users to inspect and trust accordingly. The certificate will also contain the expiration date of the Certificate and details of the Certification Authority responsible for the issuance of the Certificate.

How will a High Assurance SSL Certificates change the end-user experience?

When visiting a test Banking Site that has an EV SSL Certificate using Internet Explorer, the address bar turns green, and a new active lock icon appears, showing the name of the organization that owns the site.

How will High Assurance SSL Certificates Work?

•Website Owners undergo a uniformly high level of validation;

•CAs undergo a more stringent audit for these accounts; and

•Browsers set the OID (object identifier) to display the high assurance status

As opposed to a "low assurance" or "domain validated" SSL certificate, high assurance certificates from The SSL Store take steps to verify the identity of the organization for which the certificate was requested and to verify additionally that the organization in question does in fact own the domain for which the certificate is being requested.
by Kent Roberts
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The SSL Store is one of the foremost providers of High Assurance SSL Certificates globally..

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