Reasons To Use Fibre Optic Network CableReasons To Use Fibre Optic Network Cable

Fibre optic network cables are among the recent technologies invented to make communication faster. Technology savvy people would be able to relate to the excitement of the mere thought of using fibre optic network cable. Hearing these words is enough to get them all hyped up. However, if you do not even understand what this fibre optic technology can do for network cables, you might get in the bandwagon of these excited people too.

Network cables are cables that are used to deliver messages from one end to another. The delivery would be in the form of signal messages. However, fibre optic network cables are different in that the signals that they use to transmit messages are light waves. Being that light is used as the source of signal, communication is as fast as light too. The delivered messages are also clear due to high quality signal. Moreover, the fibre optic technology also offers more security with fewer bugs and unwanted surveillance.

There are many reasons why many people adore the use of fibre optic network cable. After considering these reasons, you might already shed light on why many people favour its use.

1. Protected against getting mixed signals from other networks. The air is full on transmitted signals. These signals might get mixed up and interfere with the signals and messages transmitted over other ordinary cables. These ordinary cables can get easily disrupted by external signals. However, fibre optic cables are stronger in resisting the way other signals mess up other cables too.

2. Speed as fast as light in information transmission. The transmission of information uses light as its instrument. The message is encoded into modulated light. The transfer takes advantage of the speed of light, making the transmission accomplished in real time. This makes fibre optic cables more useful for enhancing the speed and quality of signals in television and the Internet.

3. Secure transmission of data. The channels used as signals by fibre optic cables use light which makes the hacking impossible to do. Thus, these cables can also provide better security than ordinary ones. Security is definitely a big issue now in the world of modern communications. However, this cable that uses optical channels would offer you the silence that you need. You would not have to worry much about your identity or your credit card information possibly getting stolen if you will use fibre optic network cables. Your Internet and television cables are well-secured.

4. Performance undisturbed by weather and temperature changes. Co-axial, cables which are the traditional network cables, are easily affected by changes brought about by the weather. Thus, this makes them unreliable enough as means of communication. You cannot trust that your message will get carried over when there is heavy storm. On the other hand, the messages carried by light using fibre optic cables will still be delivered as expected. The performance will still be the same with or without strong winds and other weather changes or temperature highs and lows.
by John Schofield
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