Defining Brain Wave Entrainment For The Modern AgeDefining Brain Wave Entrainment For The Modern Age

Brainwave entrainment is one of the ways that is currently being used for treating different mental conditions. The waves are generated through combination of different sounds that are mastered by professionals. Sounds are combined in a unique way that is customized to suit different kinds of clients. There are online treatment therapies that are available. Online therapists have combined the sounds and archived them for clients to download for their own use. These downloads use binaural beats to relax the brains. The relaxing of the brain is then used to maintain the mental stability of the person concerned.

Binaural beats are two or more kinds of beats that are combined in a unique way. These sounds are supposed to rhyme with each other. The frequencies that are created can be used to help clients' brain status move from one state to the other. There are five different brain waves that are generated in the brain. They are Alpha, Theta, Gamma, Delta and Beta. Binaural frequencies bring the sound healing effect through transforming the brainwaves from one type to the other. For instance, changing of the brainwaves from theta to gamma brings a relaxation effect of the subconscious mind that is essential therapeutic achievement for people looking for brain healing.

The binaural beat was discovered in 1839 by a German scholar and Professor at University of Berlin called Heinrich Dove. Dove explained the theory in which he was combining the sounds in binaural rhythm to bring about brainwave entrainment treatment. Nonetheless, this theory was not extensively put into use until 1973 when an American magazine published this theory. Several psychologists used the tests that were carried out by Dove and the amazing thing was that they found some substance in it and thereby started using these sound waves healing strategies to offer solutions to people with mental problems.

The brainwave entrainment treatment strategy appears to many people as a scam. Nonetheless, this is a proven treatment strategy. Comprehensive research has already been done to prove the theory workable. Scientific strategies have been used to prove that the binaural beats enhance sound healing effect through faster transformation of brainwaves from one frequency to the other to bring about relaxation.

Brainwave entrainment is not recommended for people who have medical conditions. It is important for these kinds of patients to make a visit to their physicians before they start using these treatment methods. They are risky for people who have seizure problems but the severity of the problem can be determined by a doctor before they approve the medical strategy. Due to the high ability of relaxing the brains, avoid this medical strategy when you are driving or operating machinery since you are likely to cause injury as a result of relaxed brain function.

The major advantage of this treatment procedure is that it has no side effects. It can be used for long periods without any side effects. It is also a cheap treatment method since all you require is a record player and the same music. However, it is important to consult your doctor on the recommended duration that you should use sound healing treatment if you have other medical conditions.
by Alvin Huang
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