8 Things That You Didn't Know Could Cause Cancer8 Things That You Didn't Know Could Cause Cancer

Our bodies are continuously exposed to germs, viruses, bacteria, and carcinogens. Every day the body's immune system effectively suppresses these numerous assaults--unless the assault is too strong and/or the immune system is too weak to destroy the affected or damaged cells. Normal cells will grow, divide and die in an orderly fashion. However, abnormal cancerous cells begin to multiply out of control and do not die. They develop into a lump, tumor, or growth that invades healthy tissue and can spread unhealthy cells to other parts of the body.

There are some factors that are generally accepted and known to be carcinogens which cause cancerous growth. Two good examples of this are: tobacco use and air pollution. However, there are many cancer triggers that are generally accepted by researchers but are not as obvious to the general public. The following are 8 things that researchers have determined can measurably influence your cancer risk.

#1 - Meat:
Study after study has concluded that vegetarians are 50% less likely to die from Cancer. Animal fats contain hormones that humans absorb during consumption. There are also chemicals that attach to the food as the fats are cooked. These chemicals can be carcinogenic.

#2 - Goodies:
The consumption of excess fats and sugars will impact the body's insulin production & hormone production which impacts cell damage and the immune system. Cancerous cells have an affinity to sugars.

#3 Excess Weight:
There are a few reasons why being overweight dramatically increases cancer risk. First of all for the same reasons listed in #2. But also many environmental chemicals that we are exposed to daily tend to store more in fat cells. These chemicals are lipo-philic. They like fat tissue. Many of these can be "chemicals of concern" and carcinogenic.

#4 Flame Retardants:
PBDEs are chemicals used as flame retardants. While flame retardant products are all around us and have been promoted as "safety" standards, we must acknowledge the collateral toxicity of this consumer "safety."

#5: BPA (Bisphenol A):
BPA is a chemical that has been used for decades in the production of plastic food containers such as baby bottles, water bottles, cans and in some dental sealants. BPA can leach into food and liquids as containers are heated or damaged.

#6 Sunscreen:
Researchers now know that some ingredients in sunscreens (heavily promoted to prevent skin cancer) may actually increase cancer risk by mimicking an estrogenic effect and may trigger free radical development and possible cell damage. PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and oxybenzone have been linked in some research to cell damage that can lead to cancer cell development.

#7 Antibacterial Products:
Triclosan (used in antibacterial and antifungal products) is widely used in soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies and a variety of consumer products. However, triclosan is chemically similar to a dioxin that can act as an endocrine disrupting chemical. EDC's can disrupt hormonal function and trigger cell damage.

#8 Alcohol:
Alcohol in itself is not characterized as a carcinogen. However, it functions as a co-carcinogen which can enhance the dangerous impact of other carcinogens in the body. This is especially true for tobacco users whose risks are multiplied when tobacco and alcohol are combined regular habits.
by Julie Joyce
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Julie Joyce is the Executive Producer and Host of: http://CancerFreeRadio.com, an Internet Public Radio Program that Teaches Prevention, Nurtures Recovery and Celebrates Survivors. She is the author of: "Are You Becoming A Cancer Magnet?" http://FreeCancerBook.com to receive a FREE copy of: Julie's Book.
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