VLC Ends Your Media Player FrustrationsVLC Ends Your Media Player Frustrations

Have you ever shot some video on your new camera, off-loaded the file to your computer, and then tried to play it only to find that your computer's media player won't support the format your camera shoots? It's pretty frustrating, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great to have one workhorse media player that could cope with audio and video in all its many formats without you having to worry about file conversions, codecs and the like?

The VLC Media Player can play just about any media file you can come up with, whether audio or video, putting an end to the frustrations of matching up your player to your files. Better still, the VLC Player download is free and simple. Once you have it, you can use it as your primary media player and pretty much forget your worries about whether you can play a particular file. It has a lot of extras too, making it the perfect all-around media solution for your computer, whether you use a Mac, Windows, or Linux.

With the VLC player download, you don't have to worry about region code setting problems, because it can handle any regional format. Plus, you can use VLC's preview feature and play video files that are inside RAR folders even before your download has been completed. It doesn't matter if the RAR file is divided into several chunks. You just load the first one and the VLC automatically plays the remaining files in the right order.

VLC also lets you stream and download videos that come from sites like YouTube. All you do is click "Media" then "Open Network Stream" and paste in the URL of the video you want to play. You can then download and save these videos right to your PC so you can play them back later if you want.

The VLC player is fine for just playing DVDs too, though you can do fancy stuff with DVD video, like splitting the video into sections to create a video wall if you have enough screens for them. And if you get a movie where the audio and video don't sync up properly, VLC can set the synchronization to eliminate that particular annoyance.

The installer for the VLC download takes about 10 MB, and once the program is installed, it will take up about 32 MB of disk space. It uses very little memory and is extremely easy to use, with drag and drop functionality and customizable hot keys. As for privacy, the VLC Player doesn't store MRU (most recently used) files or temporary files.

The VLC Media Player consistently ranks among the most downloaded and top rated downloads on software sites and has been downloaded many millions of times. You can put this on your PC and use it as your "go to" player, so that you won't have to worry about formats and can be sure your video or audio will play with no trouble. It's free software, so you don't have to worry about wasting your money. In short, the VLC Media Player is the simple answer to your frustrations at finding the right media player for the many different files you want to play.
by Jason Bacot
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Jason Bacot - Are you looking to save yourself lots of time, headaches and get your hands on the powerful multi-purpose VLC Media Player? Then I suggest you check out the VLC Player Download at "VLCMediaPlayer.org" immediately.
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