The Amazing Versatility Of The VLC Media PlayerThe Amazing Versatility Of The VLC Media Player

If you've ever downloaded a video or a music file from the web and been unable to play it in your computer's media player, you know how frustrating that can be. However, the VLC Media Player can solve this problem almost 100% of the time. The VLC Media Player Download is free, and it plays just about any format of video or audio you give it. It's available for Windows, Macs, and many types of Linux, and quite often it succeeds when media players like WinAmp and Windows Player let you down.

The VLC player plays audio as well as video, including podcasts and internet radio, and it has a "discovery" option that allows you to find and subscribe to podcasts. Furthermore, it allows you to record from audio and video sources to media files stored right on your computer.

The VLC player download installer requires around 10 MB, and once it's installed, it takes up about 32 MB of disk space. It is also totally portable, and you can get it for both the iPhone and the iPad. The user interface is menu-based, and the command buttons are easy to understand. The player is very easy to use and has customizable hot keys for every feature as well as drag and drop functionality. While it doesn't use a lot of memory, it can slow your computer a bit when you look at a high resolution bitrate movie, for example.

The VLC download is consistently one of the most downloaded and top-rated downloads on many software sites, and has been downloaded millions upon millions of times. With video it plays all codecs, and with audio it plays all but the most rare formats. And it also attempts to repair video content that is corrupted.

You can use VLC Media Player to make basic playlists, and it does not store temporary files or MRU (most recently used) objects. When using it to play internet radio, the player shows the song title and artist in the title bar. While you don't get the visual doo-dads for music like you do with the Windows Player and WinAmp, most people don't miss it.

For those who are more ambitious, the VLC player server function offers IP6 support that can be used for media files on your computer or live input (from a webcam, for example). This particular functionality isn't very straightforward, but it's free, and if you can learn it, it's very powerful.

If you want to use the VLC player to play DVDs, you get extra functions, like the ability to split up the video into sections and creating a video wall, if you have the screens for it. And if you get a video where the sound isn't in sync with the picture, VLC can set the audio and video synchronization to fix it. Picture quality is highly rated for DVDs and streaming video. And you can take snapshots of the current image in your video. The VLC player really is a marvel of versatility and functionality and can work just fine as your primary media player. The fact that the VLC download is free is the icing on the cake.
by Jason Bacot
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Jason Bacot - Are you looking to save yourself lots of time, headaches and get your hands on the powerful multi-purpose VLC Media Player? Then I suggest you check out the VLC Player Download at "" immediately.
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