How To Find Good Spots For Metal DetectingHow To Find Good Spots For Metal Detecting

The hobby of metal detecting is something that is taken up by different hobbyists due to various personal reasons. It is not that exclusive of a hobby because it does not require any complex skills or really expensive gadgets for you to join in the circle of metal detecting hobbyists. All you need to have is a good metal detector that will endure all the physical tests that you will have to put the device through. Some people have gone into metal detecting when they were propelled by the thought of finding something precious, such as a piece of jewellery, antique stuff, old coins, and the like. This is only one reward that you will get paid for once you are already a meal detecting hobbyist too. Others have turned to metal detecting due to the anticipation of having to find and study something that has its own unique story before being buried in the ground for how long. Social reasons might also be involved as well, such as the huge possibility of meeting new people, making new friends, and engaging in a lot of travels. Moreover, metal detecting can also help develop certain good characteristics that are worth keeping such as perseverance, discipline, and patience.

Metal detecting would be an even more rewarding hobby if you know where to find the best spot for hunting. A good start would be to do some research that requires patience. Lots of patience would be needed to go through ancient records and old maps or atlas. These kinds of resources can be found in public repositories. By digging through all these things, you can pinpoint specific locations of possible sites where lots of metals could have been buried. These are old churches, old schools, fort sites, former battle sites, old campgrounds, old dumping sites, old playgrounds, and some other old sites where lots of people used to gather.

For beginners in metal detecting, the best practice that could be had is beach combing with your metal detector. This means that you have to find a good beach with busy people. With higher traffic comes the possibility of more lost things with metal among them. The seashore will not only become your test ground because you will not only find trial items there but the real thing. Think small projects first before you jump into the sites where more metals are in store for you to uncover. Moreover, fine-combing in seashores will give you time to learn more about the factors that affect metal detecting. These are moisture content, ground minerals, trash proximity, target angle, oxidation or rust, surface textures, target defects, and other factors.

Another source that can point you to the right metal detecting site would be the locals or the old timers who have seen the evolution of the town, or a certain site. Compared to your other leads such as old newspapers and books, these local folks can be your guide. Make sure that you will ask the right questions and do so politely to encourage them to answer you politely as well. If you can befriend them, all the better it is for you too. You will not only leave the town with possibly good finds but good friends who can be your real gems then.
by John Schofield
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