Augmented Reality - A Core Concept For Mobile Applications DevelopmentAugmented Reality - A Core Concept For Mobile Applications Development

You are already aware about augmented reality. You have seen it so many times; it’s just that you don’t know what it is called. Putting up in simple words, Augmented Reality is about creating an extended environment for what you see in the reality. Augmented Reality can also be understood as a combination of the real and the virtual world. It is a fine blend of real time environment and computer-generated data.

An augmented reality application has to be interactive in real-time and it should be in 3D.A well known example of Augmented Reality which almost everyone might have seen but not noticed till date is the analysis used while showing sports such as football, rugby, cricket and swimming. Swimming telecasts often add a line across the lanes to indicate the position of the current record holder as a race proceeds to allow viewers to compare the current race to the best performance which can be taken as an example to understand Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is an enhancement of real time objects and real- time environment with the help of digital technology. It can provide you with the information present in a real time object which you cannot see otherwise. In other words, augmented reality uses technologies to deepen your understanding by furnishing details about a real-time object or space.

There are two types of augmented reality- desktop augmented reality and mobile augmented reality. Major mobile application development companies focus on mobile augmented technology with provisions for both iPhone and Android users. Augmented Reality can be classified into Marker based, Markerless and Location –based. Technologies. In the Marker- based AR a visual marker is embedded into the contents that the marketer wants to showcase. Markerless AR uses graphics instead of a marker to showcase their ads. This type of AR has been used by Starbucks with their Starbucks Cup Magic app. When a Smartphone is positioned over the Starbucks Valentines Day Cup, the heart present on the Starbucks cup multiplies and starts flying in a 3D fashion which is quite amazing. In location based AR, which is free for android and Apple devices, the user can point their Smartphone in any direction and look through the camera viewers and get information they want. This utilizes features GPS and the sensors that are in-built in the smart phones. Location based AR enables you to get information about local restaurants or search property and their details by getting the latitude and longitude of the location.

Augmented Reality is the technology of the future. It has already been put to use in various fields including the mobile phone market. Augmented Reality is also being used by Toy companies. It is being used for marketing purposes by companies such as Starbucks and BMW. Augmented reality can be used in video- games to add on to the fun –factor.  AR may also be used for real-time navigation information that may be in-built in the car for entertainment and guidance purposes. All –in-all, augmented reality has a lot of untapped potential which when put to use can work wonders for the society. Augmented reality has the power to benefit everyone from a visitor, doctor, soldier or a local looking for a closest subway. There is no single place where augmented reality can’t be applied. Augmented Reality has the ability to change the way one perceives the world.

by Pradeep Hunka
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