Several Simple Secrets To Supple And Safe SkincareSeveral Simple Secrets To Supple And Safe Skincare

These secrets to healthy looking skin will not only make your skin look healthier. It will actually be healthier.

For too many years, we have relied on the cosmetics industry to improve our looks. Companies developed products to hide bags and dark circles. They taught us how to apply makeup correctly, so that it looked natural.

They have come up with products that are supposed to hide wrinkles or at least make them look less deep. They include sunscreen ingredients in practically all of their products in order to create the illusion that they are concerned about your health.

Perhaps, they are concerned. It just seems that they are more concerned about selling products.

Do you really need three or four different products to clean your face and body? Do you really need toners, astringents and exfoliants?

I believe the answer to those questions is "no". Many dermatologists seem to agree. They have to treat the problems caused by over-cleansing. They see hundreds of cases of cosmetic-related dermatitis every day.

I am not saying that giving up cosmetics is one of the secrets to healthy looking skin. I am saying that we need to be more selective about the cosmetics we use. If a product could do more harm than good, don't use it. You can tell by reading the warning labels and the list of ingredients.

The things that you need to care for your skin's health are simple. You need a gentle cleanser, warm water and clean soft washcloths. You need a good moisturizer. You need to choose makeup that is free of allergens, irritants and toxins. You need to eat right and use common sense when you go out in the sun. Those are the simple secrets to healthy looking skin.

On an occasional basis, you can use a clay-based deep cleansing mask. Every two weeks should be sufficient. Clay extracts absorb dirt and makeup left behind during daily cleansing.

If you feel the need to exfoliate, because of bumps or blackheads, use plain table salt or sugar. The crystals will dissolve completely in water. They are not rough enough to cause the irritation that accompanies other exfoliants.

Regardless of the kind of exfoliant you use, once or twice a month is enough. Exfoliants designed for daily use can damage your skin's health and appearance.

As I mentioned above, one of the secrets to healthy looking skin is the use of a good moisturizer. How do you tell which moisturizers are good? You read the list of ingredients.

Avoid products containing petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Choose those that contain grape seed oil, jojoba wax, olive oil and the protein keratin.

If you have problems with excessive dryness, look for a deep hydrating mask. The mask should contain ingredients like macadamia and avocado oil.

If you want to learn more about the secrets to healthy looking skin, read some of my other articles. You will learn what to eat, what not to eat and how to play it safe in the sun.
by Valerie Rosenbaum
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Valerie Rosenbaum has been studying natural skin care products for years. The products she recommends use natural ingredients like Eyeliss to reduce bags under the eyes. To learn more visit her website
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