The Secrets Of The Power Of Intention By Wayne DyerThe Secrets Of The Power Of Intention By Wayne Dyer

In the program, The Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, freedom is obtained. People are consistently trying to search for ways to obtain peace of mind, freedom, happiness, and all the other things that everyone dreams of a daily basis.

What Is Intention?

There are both good and bad intentions. When you do something with a particular thought in mind, the thought becomes the intention of the action you are trying to achieve. Most people are confused at the fact that the actual intention itself is not something you do, but the energy you exert into the action. Becoming a part of a positive energy is what The Secrets of the Power of Intention is all about.

Getting Passed Your Old Ways of Thinking

We all have behavioral and thought patterns that just seem to "stick" with us no matter what we do. It is those same thoughts that interfere with obtaining the energy needed to create a happy life. It's all about aligning yourself to the field of intention and using that energy to control your life and achieve everything you want. Getting to where you need to be is only made possible by putting away your old ways of thinking. The Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer helps you to adopt a new attitude, align yourself with the appropriate energies needed to create the perfect life, and attract nothing but positive energies and people your way. It teaches you to get rid of your negative thought patterns and consequently provides you with a completely new way of thinking that is permanently embedded into your brain, ready to stomp out any negative thoughts that arise - or worse, self-doubt.

Creating Your Own Reality

Not everyone thinks that they can create their own world, but indeed, you can. Quite like performing a magic trick (except for one that is real and not an illusion), Wayne Dyer unlocks the door and unleashes wisdom unknown to the majority, and simply informs you of all the things you need to know about how to find your center, obtain spiritual fulfillment, accept yourself for who you are, and provide helpful tips about how you can change anything in your life that you are unhappy with.

Getting "In the Zone"

The reality you live in determines a lot about how your life is and will be in the future. Not living in the proper "zone" can either make or break you. The Secrets of the Power of Intention opens the gateway to the right field of energy and shows you how to get there. Once a person has aligned themselves with the right energy, finding happiness is effortless. Some people are naturally born into this energy, which is why they seem to obtain everything without trying. Riches, bliss, self-fulfillment, love, and luck are all a part of this energy. Once there, everything just seems to flow and come easily. There is no more struggle, worry, or frustration.
by Ben Sanderson
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