How To SEO Your YouTube VideoHow To SEO Your YouTube Video

With YouTube being the most popular video website on the Internet, it's in your best interest to do everything in your power to have the best possible placement in its search results. On October 9th 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion. With Google being the owner of YouTube, both search engines work the same way. Their robots read text. They are not intelligent enough yet to watch your video. This means the only way you can influence where your video will be in the search results is by entering, in the form of text, as much information as possible. You can do so by making sure to have a very descriptive title, keywords tags, and an excellent description.

Your title is the essence of your video's description. It describes in a few words what your video is about, therefore every word is important. For example, let's say you have a video about reviewing movies coming out this week. A title to avoid would be something like "New releases of the week". A more specific title that has more chances of being searched would be "Movies reviews - Iron Man 2, Superman and more". However avoid too long titles as people won't read them. Humans are lazy in general and will avoid reading as much as possible, especially on YouTube where people are used to watching videos rather than reading. It may seems rude to say such a thing, but it is actually a known marketing fact used by many companies in their marketing strategies.

The description, as the word itself says, describes the video content. Don't be afraid to enter as much information as you want. You can basically write a summary of your video's content. Let's take the same example as before, reviewing new movies. Your description should include every movie reviewed in the video as well as a summary of each of them. The more text your description has the better the chance of it being picked up by YouTube's search engine. Don't be too zealous though, you're not writing a book. A good trick is also to include the word "video" in your description. By including this word, you will also get a chance of your video being picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. For example, someone searching on Google for "Iron Man 2 video review" might stumble on your video in the search results.

Tags are equally important as the title and description. Making good tags does not have to be hard. The fastest, easiest way is using common sense. What keywords would people type in the search box when searching for your video? To continue with our movies review example, good tags would be the titles of the movies being reviewed (Iron Man 2, Superman). Also, the words "review" and "movie". You can also use a keyword generator available from multiple websites and add the most popular keywords related to your video. Don't add tags that are not relevant with your video as you will be flagged by other members and your account could be banned.
by Cedric P Loiselle
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Cedric Loiselle is an expert Internet marketer. He has been helping website owners get traffic to their website as well as improve their social network presence since 2004. You can buy views to get your videos noticed and improve even more your search engine's ranking. Visit
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