The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula By Tom FeltensteinThe 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula By Tom Feltenstein

In the CD and DVD series The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein, Tom reaches out to the small and the local business owner and ask them to rethink their marketing strategies. He uses the comparisons of many now international businesses that started out as local businesses. These businesses include global brands, such as Starbucks and McDonalds. Once upon a time, these were humble regional businesses, although it's hard to fathom that now, considering their worldwide scope. But that's exactly the point that Tom Feltenstein makes in his series The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein. The point that he makes is that since these corporate giants once started out as local businesses, they had to have a strategy to reach out to local people, and to grow and become rooted in their respective communities.

As small businesses and medium sized businesses strive to grow, they will employ a number of strategies and tactics to help facilitate growth. For example, they will use forms of media, such as print ads, radio spots, and tv commercials. All of these forms of media work to some extent, but it's hard for the business owner to really come by the level of success that they want to have. There is so little that they can forecast, and control when they use these forms of media. There is no telling that potential customers will read their advertisement in the newspapers or the magazines. They can't tell if someone is listening to their radio commercial; the fact is that they have no way of knowing if someone has the radio on at all! All of these methods are well meaning, and they used to work in a previous time. But now, a business owner has to work smarter, and find more effective ways at using marketing strategies. They'll learn methods of doing so when they utilize the series The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein.

Tom Feltenstein makes the point that since most business are within 10 minutes of residential communities, then the marketing should be focused on the people who live 10 minutes away. Instead of casting a wide net in an unfocused manner, one should zero in on the people who are already within their reach, and who could help solidify their reputation in the community. For example, by offering the powerful combination of excellent customer service, and high quality products, a business won't have to spend as much money on high ticket advertising, because the happy customers in the community will do all of their pre-selling and adverting for them. Any business owner would love the idea of saving advertising money, all while being profitable, because community members are advertising for them. A business owner can learn how to make word of mouth advertising work for them, when they view The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein.

Along with this, business owners are taught in The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein about face time marketing. This simply means taking the time to get in their with the customers in the store, and do your telling and selling right there on the spot. Of course it's more effective to market face to face, when the customer is right there to see what you are talking about, then to advertise the traditional way, which is cold and remote. People are visual. They want to be able to use their senses when they are being convinced about a product or a service. Face to face marketing accomplishes just that.
by Ben Sanderson
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