So - What's The Story With Flooring?So - What's The Story With Flooring?

When you are choosing a floor design or you are looking at various types of flooring, you would be surprised at the variety of materials that you will find. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages, and you have to decide what will suit the room or home that you are decorating the best. In making your decision, you need to look at:

-The price of the flooring materials and how much it costs to install them

- The style of the home you are living in and what would conform to it

- The needs of the people living there

- The climate - do you need something that will keep the place warm and insulated, or a material that will make the house feel cooler?

- How easy is the kind of material you are looking at to install - or to remove if you decide to make some changes after you have fitted the flooring, such as installing underfloor heating or changing your plumbing?

To describe each kind of flooring that is available on the market would take several articles. However, here is a brief overview of what is being offered these days by flooring manufacturers:

- Wood flooring - This is usually made from timber or hardwood, and can either be solid or engineered in style. Wooden floors are very attractive, especially if polished well. However, their main disadvantages are that they can be slippery soon after waxing and that exposure to water can ruin them, making it impossible to use them in the bathroom or kitchen.

- Carpet flooring - This can be very attractive, and can either be in the form of a carpet that covers the entire surface or as area rugs. Rugs can be used to cover parts of other kinds of surfaces as a decoration, for warmth, or to cover defects if you can't afford or do not wish to replace the entire floor. If you decide to go for carpets or rugs, choose a kind that is easily cleaned and serves your purpose well. For example, in a kitchen or bathroom, you would need water-resistant, durable carpets.

- Stone flooring - This can be very attractive and cooling, and is therefore ideal in a hot, Mediterranean climate. However, if you have young children, you may want to think twice about it because stone floors are hard and if your toddler or baby is at the stage of falling down a lot, this can mean a lot of bruises.

- Tile flooring - This can be very attractive, and you can choose your own design. It is also great for those who enjoy DIY. This is a good idea if you are looking for something for a kitchen or a bathroom, and also if you like traditional or Mediterranean styles. You can even blend it in with the wall tiles if you wish.

- Flagstones - This is more commonly used for the outdoors, for instance for a patio, a pathway, or a courtyard. Flagstones are not as old-fashioned as they sound, and they can be extremely attractive.
by Sacha Megan Miller
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Sacha is an expert contributing author publishing in relation to household improving. This lady really loves buying flooring resilient or even best laminate flooring for flooring surfaces to create a new splash of style for the place.
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