Making VLC Media Player More Convenient In WindowsMaking VLC Media Player More Convenient In Windows

The VLC Media Player is a universal multimedia player that handles a large range of audio and video formats, plus streaming, DVDs, and VCDs. It is also used widely as a server to stream live or on-demand video over the internet.

Because the program was built in modules, you can select from a number of ways to control VLC and display the video output. You can make it more convenient for use with Windows by storing your streaming station presets and by setting it up as your default media player for a number of file types.

If you want to use the VLC player as a streaming client, you can store station presets in your Media Library on the Playlist panel. Start by opening the playlist panel by clicking the button or typing ctrl-L. Click the "plus" button at the bottom of the panel and a drop down menu appears. From there, select "Advanced Open" to open up a new panel, the Open Media panel. Choose the "Networking" tab on this panel and then enter the full URL of the streaming station in the address field. Now click on the "Enqueue" button at the bottom of the panel. Do this for all your stations for convenience.

There are several ways you can make VLC the default program for the many different types of media files you may have. One way is to go to the VLC settings interface and choose "Tools|Preferences." Click on the "Set Up Associations" button and select any file extension that you want to use with VLC. Then click "Apply." Once you do this, your media file icons will show up as the VLC traffic cone icon, and you can double click them to open them in VLC.

The program also comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts, and you can set your own hot keys in the Tools menu. To set your global hot keys, click on "Tools," then "Preferences," then "HotKeys." In the "Global" column, double click on the value that corresponds to the function you want to assign a key to. Press the key or the key combination you want, and then click on "Apply." Then Click "Save." You'll have to quit and restart the program for the new hotkey assignments to become effective. If you want to clear a hotkey you've assigned, follow the above as if you were going to set a new key, but press the Pause/Break key on your computer.

You can also change the way the user interface looks if you're running the program with Windows. The new looks are called "skins" and can be downloaded from Videolan's Skins site. Once you have a skin you want to use, your first step is to open the Preferences menu and choose "Skins" as your interface type. Click "Save" and restart the program and it should open in the new skin as the default.

While you certainly can use the VLC media player download exactly as you get it, many people eventually like to customize it for better convenience.
by Jason Bacot
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