Cleaner Teeth Can Mean Quicker Treatment, Say Prior Lake Orthodontists ExpertsCleaner Teeth Can Mean Quicker Treatment, Say Prior Lake Orthodontists Experts

LAKEVILLE, SAVAGE AND PRIOR LAKE, MINNESOTA - The first question many patients ask when they get braces typically is, "When will they come off?"

Orthodontists can predict a timeframe, but Savage and Prior Lake Orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino is quick to remind patients that they hold a valuable piece of the puzzle when it comes to treatment time. It all boils down to oral hygiene.

Not only can good oral hygiene improve a patient's overall orthodontic treatment experience, but it can even speed up treatment time, said Bonvino, of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, a Savage, Lakeville and Prior Lake orthodontics office.

"It's a goal of ours to get the point across to patients that brushing after meals, flossing every day, maintaining healthy gums and scheduling regular dental visits definitely makes a difference it terms of length of orthodontic treatment," said Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, a Prior Lake braces provider who opened Cosmopolitan Orthodontics in 2009.

Here's why: the cleaner the teeth, the less friction is created. Less friction makes it possible for teeth to shift into proper alignment easier and quicker during orthodontic treatment.

But it's about more than clean teeth. Keeping gums in optimum health is just as important, said Bonvino, who also is a Prior Lake Invisalign provider. Red, inflamed gums can slow the movement process and extend treatment time. Good oral hygiene habits help reduce the chances of gum irritation and inflammation.

Flossing daily, brushing after meals and using a Waterpik also help lessen the likelihood of cavities, gum irritation and inflammation. Orthodontic brackets, bands, wires and rubber bands have direct contact with the teeth, which means they can harbor bits of food, bacteria and plaque.

"We take oral hygiene seriously enough that we give each of our patients at our Savage and Prior Lake invisible braces practice a Sonicare toothbrush to help keep their teeth clean and healthy," Bonvino says. "We recommend that everyone use some sort of electric toothbrush."

It also is important for patients to take measures to avoid decalcification while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Decalcification is scarred enamel that looks like a white spot or area on the teeth. There is a chance a patient could see decalcification after their braces are removed. Bonvino's Invisalign patients tend to avoid this problem because they can remove their appliances when they eat, brush and floss.

This problem is caused by poor oral hygiene, where the acid in plaque is allowed to sit on the enamel structure long enough that it starts leeching out the calcium from the enamel.

"Decalcification actually is a scar," Bonvino says. "Once it has occurred, the results cannot be reversed."
She recommends meticulous brushing and rinsing with fluoride products to help promote the enamel's remineralization process to keep teeth strong and resistant to cavities while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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by Jennifer Eisenhuth
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