Investing In Email Archiving Software Can Save MoneyInvesting In Email Archiving Software Can Save Money

London, UK - In the current economic environment, organizations are more conscious of every expenditure. But obtaining high-quality email archiving software is an investment that no company should neglect.

Businesses often regard email archiving as a "non-business critical" expenditure and frequently believe it to be a high upfront investment with no real return. However, email archiving is not only essential to the functioning of your organization, it also saves businesses time and money in direct and indirect ways. Forensic and Compliance Systems, Ltd., the makers of the Cryoserver email archiving solution, tries to make its program affordable and has learned that it will save money for your organization in many other ways.

For example, Cryoserver automatically and immediately stores a copy of each email sent or received within an organization. In this way, emails don't have to take up valuable room in the local computer for very long.

The Cryoserver system also provides a "stubbing" feature that substitutes an email on the mail server with a "stub" that directs a user to the email's archived location. Rather than maintaining myriad versions of the same email, the system saves one version - with links to it which occupy far less space than the original email. End users can find the email as easily as if it's archived locally, but the emails don't need to cause a big storage drain on the server.

This feature conserves storage room on the mail server and also lets users back up their data less often, saving a business storage space and staff time. Cryoserver's clients can be confident that once an email is archived, it is secure. So the same quantity of information won't need to be backed up as often.

The company"s email archiving appliance also significantly reduces the amount of time your IT staff needs to find old emails. Cryoserver's user-friendly interface and speedy search function let a business's employees search for stored emails themselves, without the need for IT department involvement.

Because employees know their emails are being archived, it can result in another kind of savings. The employees become more conscious of the content in their emails. Some organizations have undergone a drop in email volume by as much as 80 percent. Cryoserver can discourage non-essential emails and encourage your staff to work more efficiently.

"Today, customers need their investments to provide a direct return," observes Robin Bingeman of Forensic & Compliance Systems, Ltd. "These savings are only a few examples that demonstrate how the initial expenditure for an archiving system may not be as great as it first appears. Frequently, a good email archiving solution will save an organization much more money than it costs."

Moreover, organizations are increasingly being fined by courts or regulatory businesses because of poor email retention policies. Penalties can be in the millions of pounds or dollars, making an initial investment in email archiving look paltry by comparison.

Cryoserver's staff will work with customers to help with upfront expenses, as well. "We are aware that businesses all over the world are undergoing financial strain," explains Bingeman. "We will help our customers locate a solution that makes financial sense for their company. In addition, we frequently have special offers that help make our products more affordable - especially for smaller businesses."

About Cryoserver
Based in London, England, Forensic & Compliance Systems Ltd., the makers of the Cryoserver email archiving appliance, work with various global partners and resellers in a number of markets worldwide. With clients in more than 20 countries, the Cryoserver forensic compliance system is the world's leading compliance solution for email and other electronic data.

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by Robin Bingeman
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If you want to learn about Forensic & Compliance Systems Ltd., Cryoserver email archiving appliance and email archiving software, call toll-free 1(866) 311-1652 (US) or 44(0)800 280 0525 Europe.
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