There's Plenty Of TimeThere's Plenty Of Time

We actually do have time when we need it. And there is plenty of it! However, some of us are just so busy rushing to and fro trying to inch our way through that long list of post it notes, or crashing at the very thought of it all, that we have come to live in a world where time always seems to be in a deficient!

Somewhat miraculously I've come to realize, and live in, a reality that's a far cry from the one I just described. Now the amount of time each task takes is exactly the same as the amount of time I have to get it done in. And it's awesome!

Try this. It's a really easy thing to implement. If there's one thing on your plate that you feel pressure to get done; opt to get it done as quickly as possible. All other considerations have now taken a seat in the back row. This one and only task is up for your attention.

The success rate of this venture is due to "the ability to settle simply with what matters most, and ignore the rest". I have found I accomplish far more in areas that matter more to me. And I certainly get more enjoyment from whatever I have on my to do list. And, it all gets done.

Yeh, time needs to be allotted for tasks such as paying bills, and I allocate 40 plus hours a week to secure an income. But hey I also get a lot of enjoyment from using lights after dark, living in a nice warm and private residence, having access to the internet, receiving and making phone calls etc. So I am more than willing to take a small, but necessary, patch of time to pay outstanding debts, and find ways to supply income so I can continue to enjoy certain things.

A scattered brain only leads to confusion and leaves room for complication and error. So, ultimately it will take more time to complete a desired task. The knack is to be anchored (in body and mind) where you are (some call it being in the moment). This is a great relief for the brain, and one is able to fully concentrate on what is in front of them. Walla, things get done a lot more quickly. Even those detours and roadblocks that come up are handled a lot easier as one is better equipped to identify solutions and implement them. Putting a nice big check mark of completion next to the task at hand can really feel rewarding!

So next time all that chatter about what needs to get done makes its appearance, ask yourself which one is an absolute priority. Little by little you will whittle away at that to do list and probably find a lot of those items don't need your attention at all, or they will fall to the wayside all by themselves.

Life is Simple (and Good)!

"You always have time for the things you put first." Author-Unknown
by Mary Kay Buttery
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Mary Kay is available for private consultations, speaking engagements, etc. Be sure to visit her website and sign up for her *FREE* Monthly Newsletter. Ignite your presence, and live in a whole new world of simplicity, ease and enjoyment!
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