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So you have found out that you have to take the GMAT? Of course you HAVE to take it, otherwise you would not be reading this. People only take the GMAT when they have to do. Nobody takes it because they think it will be fun. I have never heard of a standardized test party. You are at the point where you have decided that you want to go to grad school (or at least consider it a viable option) and the GMAT is one of the necessary steps in garnering admission. As such, you want to obtain a high score to improve your application's profile. This article will include a list of some best practice study tips compiled from those who have been successful on the exam in the past to help you on this path.

The first tip is that this is not a regular test. You cannot simply "study everything" and expect to be successful, because there is not enough time to accumulate the all-compassing knowledge that is tested. You need to manage your time leading up to the test and only focus on the general basics (i.e. geometry, types of grammar, and biological classifications). If you start digging to deep into any one subject, you will likely fry your brain over an issue that is unlikely to even show up on the test.

The next tip is to pace yourself. It is highly recommended that you buy a book or two of practice exams. Run through a few a samples. It is not important what you score on these practices, but it is important that you get a feel for what pace you will need to do to go through the test. You will be penalized for not answering questions, so you want to make sure that you can get through each section in good order. Skip any questions that you are struggling with and return to them later (rather than dwell on them and have time run out before you can answer easier queries that appear later).

Work on your writing. While it does not factor into the overall percentile score, your score for the writing section is important. Practicing samples and/or working through a short writing seminar can help immensely with creating a solid resume. Writing is like anything else, if you have not practiced it in a while, it will degrade. You may not know the best answer to the essay question, but forming a solid structure and argument around the answer that you do give is even more important.

Finally, you are really struggling with the practice exams and fretting your future score, there are a number of Test Prep classes available to you that require various levels of time and financial commitments. These classes are typically more about teaching you how to take the test and focusing on the aforementioned basics than they are studying deep into a series of dry subject matters.

Beyond that, it is basically up to you to understand how you best perform and what steps you need to take to get there. Remember that the GMAT is just an oversized quiz, not an interrogator of epic proportions, so do not allow the stress level to get to high leading up to it. Happy testing!
by Felix Chesterfield
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by Felix Chesterfield III; If you are seeking more information regarding GMAT Test Prep or may be seeking an SAT Tutor, please contact the aforementioned site for more information.
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