3D Game Design: Adding Life To A Game3D Game Design: Adding Life To A Game

Game designing, is a concept which is purely based on one’s imaginative skills and creativity. It’s a part of game development which consists of the game content and a pre-production stage. The game designer needs to possess both artistic as well as technical skills, focusing on the end-user. The third dimension provides as an added boon. A 3D Game provides a near to life experience since the terrain and the possibility of the character movement is unrestricted unlike the 2D games.

3D Game Design is carried out with the help of designers, 3D artists, and developers. To design a specific object or character, basic steps are involved like – Conception, Modeling, Animation, and Final details.

1.    One of the primary steps involved in this process includes Concept art, which is to analyze and build a three dimensional object. The sketch is designed in such ways that the object or character has a near life similarity. The concept artist is the person who is in charge of the artistic style and provides an even touch throughout the storyline.

2.    Modeling is an important aspect in 3D, as it explains specifics about the polygon count. A rough model is initially prepared with a low polygon count, so as to avoid multiple edges and a basic shape is developed. 3DS Max is one of the most preferred Modeling tool used by the designers.

3.    The next step in the process consists of animating the object or character, which will give life to the game. Based on the requirements, the riggers and the animators give a third dimension to the object. Each movement made by the object or character will be animated separately and put together as a final collection. Autodesk Maya, one of the premiere 3D animation software is mostly used by the animators for this purpose. Once the animation is complete it is sent to the main artists for the final touch.

4.    A fine detailing and texturing is provided by the final artists to give the object or character a real life feel. The fine detailing of a model can be adding features like a specific human feature, detailing the face or even more. One of the biggest challenges what a final artist may come across would be bringing down on the polygon count without losing the final texture. Adding on polygon count takes more memory and this leaves the gamer with less device memory. The Final Detailing is also a step where the artists need to seek feedback at a regular pace. Once the animation is flawless it can be sent for final production.

The role of game programmers is equally vital as game artists in a game design. The programmers provide codes and scripts for the game. Most of the 3D Game Design software has in-built tools which helps in scripting. These scripts can be connected to character movement or various levels in the game. Multiple tests can be run so as to fix any bugs or issues. A completed design can be run on trials to obtain valid feedbacks. These feedbacks can be utilized to enhance the final game.

by Julan Robert
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Julian Robert is a copywriter interested in mobile technology, 3D Game Design and 2D game development .
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