Vocal Technique - A Secret Method To Learn Perfect PitchVocal Technique - A Secret Method To Learn Perfect Pitch

At the most elementary level, good vocal skills is focused on discerning and reaching a specific note accurately and in succession. Many able musicians have their hearing coached to instantly identify a note's pitch, so that they can reproduce the correct notes without actually listening to the song again. If you want to further improve as a musician, you have to also learn to teach yourself to identify notes and pitches by ear alone. Some folk are born with "perfect pitch" - an innate talent to identify notes - but this is an ability that can be acquired thru practice.

But what is pitch? Many instruments, which includes the human voice, are physically equipped to provide an unlimited number of notes, with only the most minuscule and modest variations among each note. When instruments are "tuned," a properly trained ear finds the specific fixed sound they wish for a particular note. All other notes produced by the instrument are then performed utilizing this sound as a benchmark. Additionally, someone performing "off key" or "off pitch" refers to a person that is not performing according to the recognized convention of the song. Often times, musicians use a middle C or E as the reference tuning sound.

The real technique to the right vocal instruction and to learn easy methods to recognize notes and chords by ear is through repetitive listening and singing back. It helps to have some experienced assistance on this topic since a skilled vocal coach will already possess a trained ear and can provide suggestions on your development. Having said that, however, you can find a few workouts that you can perform on your own to develop your ear and pitch recognition.

Things you will need: A microphone for you to monitor yourself on computer. However a cassette tape recorder also works well. A musical instrument that has already been perfectly tuned and in pitch. Well-liked choices are a keyboard piano, guitar, or violin. Similarly a system created for tuning such as a Chromatic Tuner also is effective. If you have no accessibility to any tuned instruments, use the Virtual Piano, as a last resort. It's serviceable, but a live musical instrument always produces the best results.

Use the instrument to produce a single note C, which is within your standard vocal range. Listen to the note and then play it for a second time. On this occasion sing along with the note as you play. Reiterate this action, advancing up-wards through various notes of the scale. Proceed with this workout, moving downwards through the bottom range of the scale. Then reiterate the exercise yet again using random notes

Once you feel more comfortable reproducing the pitch of notes you hear, you're ready to move on to more advanced drills.Play the chord C, or notes C, E, and G at once. Play the C chord again, tuning in for the specific note E and aim to sing it. Repeat the routine listening to specific notes within the chord until you can notice and perform each of them easily. Repeat this exercise with the chords D, E, F and G. Replicate this exercise using random chords. Try this exercise using minor chords, until you feel at ease hearing and reproducing every note from whatever chord on any scale.
by Earl Watson
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To learn more about ear and pitch exercises, visit MyVoiceExercises.com, where you can also find useful tips on voice projection.
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