8 Indispensable Proofreading Secrets To Cast Spell On Employers8 Indispensable Proofreading Secrets To Cast Spell On Employers

Are you getting calls from the employers that you have applied to for a certain job position? If not, then you may need to re-look at your resume and look closely if you have made errors that could have been avoided if you had spent the time to proofread your resume before sending it.

It has been estimated that about 80% of the resume submitted for review contains obvious errors. Most job seekers do not proofread their resumes, before sending them out to companies, which results in resumes to be filled with obvious errors. These resumes create a bad impression and tend to immediately end up into the trash bins. For this reason, we have created a guide below that you can follow to proofread your resumes before sending them. It will help you to avoid sending your resumes with obvious errors and find yourself one-step closer to gaining that interview.

1. Take a break between writing a resume and proofreading it:

It is important that you do not proofread your resume right after you have finished writing it. The results are much better if you let you eyes rest as well as leave your information to sit overnight. This allows you to have a fresh perspective on your work.

2. Print-out your resume:

It is generally a better idea to print your resume in order to proofread it better. This helps to determine if the formatting is consistent as well as allows you to double check for potential capitalization and punctuation errors that you may miss on your monitor.

3. Proofread more than once:

Your resume should be proofread more than once. Furthermore, look for something different every time you proofread your resume. For example, the first you proofread, look for spelling mistake. For the second time, search for grammatical errors.

4. Proofread aloud:

It is better to read your resume out loud. This slows you down and allows you to catch errors easily which you may not see when just looking. Furthermore, it also gives you a better idea of how information flows from one section to another.

5. Proofread your resume in parts:

While proofreading do not look at how the words combine with each other but also look at each word individually. When you look at your resume as a whole, your mind will focus on the things that you meant to say instead of what you have actually types. For this reason, stay focused on every line that you are reading. You can use two pieces of blank paper to cover everything except that line.

6. Read your resume backwards:

Reading your resume backwards also helps force you to slow down and go through each word individually.

7. Get help:

It is also a good idea to get someone else to proof read your resume. An extra pair of eyes is always helpful.

8. Avoid distractions while proofreading:

Every time you are interrupted while proofreading, you are more prone to skip errors. Hence avoid all distractions when you proofread.
by Bryan Goldberg
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Bryan Goldberg is a professional resume writer and is highly passionate about writing instructive articles about resume writing. He is a widely renowned career expert, having worked with industry leaders in progressive positions in the human resources department.For more information about resume writing services, be sure to visit http://www.resumedocket.com
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