CSDM (Counter Strike Death Match)- A Classic Death Match Game!CSDM (Counter Strike Death Match)- A Classic Death Match Game!

Counter Strike Death Match, commonly abbreviated as CSDM, is an FPS (First Person Shooter) team death match game. The main objective of this game is to win against the opposing team by eliminating all their team members or, if you've joined the terrorist team, by planting a bomb and successfully igniting it when the timer on it runs out. This kind of team death match generally starts with players choosing their side - terrorist or counter-terrorist - and then buying the weapons and ammunition they would like to use during the course of the game. As a terrorist, players may have the bomb in their possession and they can choose to plant the bomb, or just go for the old fashioned style of winning a team death match - "kill them all." As a counter terrorist, players may purchase a bomb defusing kit, so that the terrorist team will be forced to fight it out, instead of getting an instant win through a bomb explosion. It is implied that the whole area or map is destroyed when a bomb is set off.

Counter Strike has been around for a couple of years but its game-play and its replayability is still one of the best the industry of gaming has seen for its genre. Maps and mods (modifications) are still being developed by programmers and do-it-yourself modders even after years of the game being released. Proof of this game's lasting appeal can be seen in how many gamers or people are still playing CSDM over LAN (local area network) or over the Internet. Young and old alike are into the this kind of team death matches because unlike normal first person shooter games, where you play through different levels and campaigns, CSDM can offer that special twitch or trigger reaction to gamers. A person isn't just shooting at an enemy AI rather at another intelligent human being who can change his or her tactics on the fly.

Another appeal CSDM has over gamers is the supposed realism of this multiplayer game. Players can choose weapons from a list of actual weapons used in modern warfare. Players often claim that each type of weapon would react differently when fired. For example, an AK47 rifle packs a lot of damage but it can be pretty difficult to aim at a target given that the recoil forces the nozzle to point upwards every time a player fires. A double handgun is available as a side arm and definitely deals out more damage than a single pistol but of course come reload time, the player wielding the double handgun would be at a disadvantage because of it would take longer to reload.

The main thing that got video gamers hooked to CSDM though, is the depth with which one can choose his or her strategy. One can be a sniper or a heavy infantry. One can be also be a stealthy terrorist ready to plant the bomb anytime or one can be a sneaky counter- terrorist, ready to dish out death using a simple knife. All in all, this death match game is something of a gem in the gaming industry. It's staying power is proof that people are just out to have good old- fashioned team games using advanced technology. It doesn't matter what age group you are. Once you hear the call of you team mates buzzing through your receiver, you can't help but answer - "Roger that."
by Chris Carter
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