How To Make Life Easy If You Have ArthritisHow To Make Life Easy If You Have Arthritis

People with arthritis have the same chores and activities as all others do. Sometimes when our joints and muscles ache; it's harder to get our daily tasks done. I would like to share with you how you can go about your everyday activities with minimum pain and with maximum ease.

Doing the big jobs

Arthritis patients are still capable of doing what they have always done, only now the big jobs have to be broken down. The reason for this is we don't want to keep working at a job until we are exhausted.

The smart thing to do is divide a job into reasonable time frames and take breaks often. You have to pace yourself and know your own limitations and work within them. Rather than trying to finish a large job; (like trying to clean the house all in one day), do one or two rooms at a time. Simply being a little less fussy about the house being spotless works well.

Sitting rather than standing

If you have a choice it is always better to sit than stand. By sitting you are taking the load off your joints.

Using a high bar stool in the kitchen to wash dishes or cut vegetables is a great idea. The thing is; don't sit in the same position for prolonged periods.

Make sure you get up periodically to move around and loosen up. If you have to stand while doing a job like "filing"; make sure your back is straight and your feet are reasonably spaced so that your body weight is evenly spread out. If you are lucky enough to have a tall stool to
sit on while you file, that's even better.

Avoid heavy lifting

If it is necessary to lift a heavy object make sure you bend your knees to lift rather than your back.

Often, it is wise to carry smaller loads rather than one big one. When carrying an object hold it close to your body. By doing so the object will seem lighter and will be much easier to carry.

Women, especially should lessen the load they carry in their purses. Heavy purses just add to the strain on the hands or the shoulder; and if you really think about it you probably don't need or use half of the things you are carrying around anyway. It would be much easier to carry a backpack where the load is distributed more evenly over the entire body.

If you have several items to carry, use a cart with wheels and load it with several items to save yourself steps.

Keep yourself warm

If you have painful joints it is better to keep them warm. You should try to dress in layers of loose comfortable clothing. That way; if you get too warm, you can take off a layer. Keeping your body at an ideal temperature is best. If you are comfortable your muscles and joints are going to feel better.

Clothing such as sweat suits, knee socks, long underwear, microfiber sweaters are all good for keeping your body warm.

Stretching Exercises

If you start your day with some gentle stretching exercises even before you get out of bed; it will lessen the stiffness you feel when you first get up in the morning. It's a great way to start the day and will loosen those
joints and muscles that have been motionless for a few hours.

Remember that any form of exercise is good for you anytime during the day!

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by Irene Fowler Sharpe
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It's my passion to help people and the love of giving back to others the knowledge I have gained through my research that makes life so interesting.
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