Why You Need A Monster Marketing Plan To ProfitWhy You Need A Monster Marketing Plan To Profit

Maybe you've tried business opportunities but they didn't make you much money. The program promised the moon, but even after placing ads, buying pay-per-click, and emailing everyone in your address book -- you still couldn't make any money.

Right there, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with 99.9 percent of online business. It all looks good on paper, but in the end it's just a waste of YOUR time and YOUR money.

OK, here is the problem: Just using a few of the standard promotion strategies and expecting thousands of dollars to land in your lap is out of date. That hasn't worked since the mid-1990s when the Net first began.

Today you need to unleash a MONSTER Marketing Plan to have enough impact to get the sales flowing in. Now there is no need to figure you'll have to quit your job and drain your bank account, because these days a LOT of the dozens of top marketing methods have been made cheap and almost completely automated.

You can have these many marketing strategies in your arsenal for just pennies. Then you can turn them loose on the world while simply clicking a few buttons, links, and following some simple 1-2-3 directions.

Here is what you need to truly SUCCEED:

1. You need your own original website. Even for affiliates and MLM members -- don't fall for the usual copycat replicated site. Search engines and visitors won't give a replicated site the time of day. Give yourself a fighting chance with the real deal -- your own original site.

2. Still use search engine optimization and search engine ads to drive traffic to your site. The top corporations in America spend millions on this strategy, so you know it works.

3. Get involved with Social Networking. Facebook and even Twitter are super simple to use. In spite of all the hype, I'm convinced Facebook is the lazy person's way to marketing. Nothing wrong with that. Facebook is simple and connects you with a LOT of people who will be extra motivated to check out what you sell.

4. Use web video! Youtube is a true revolution. Don't feel like you have to be a Hollywood star and own a TV studio to put videos on Youtube. You can do wonders with any cheap, borrowed video camera. There are even automated systems that create online videos for you.

5. Use contact and lead tracking systems. You need a way to automatically SELL your leads. Turn those prospects into customers. This works best by far when your prospects are sent powerful sales messages at the very moment they show interest. Sign them up while they're red hot, not after they've had time to cool down and forget about you.

You'll need automated messaging and contact management systems. Fortunately this is ALL available in automated form. It's cheap and you will have very little work to do.

Finally, I have one more point that may be my most important. You absolutely MUST have good training, simple 1-2-3 tutorials you can follow, and a way to stay highly MOTIVATED until your millions start flowing in.

These days there are very useful and convenient chat systems that keep business leaders in touch with you, keeping you charging ahead until you reach success.

These are the marketing systems and -- most important -- the encouragement YOU need to truly reach your potential.
by Lars Johan Andersson
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Lars-Johan Andersson is one of Europe's most innovative business experts. See his complete home-based system that makes ALL the marketing tools mentioned yours at extremely low cost. See http://BuddyInsider.com. Reach him at buddy@buddyinsider.com.
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