Why More Leads Means Lots More SalesWhy More Leads Means Lots More Sales

You find the perfect business opportunity. You sign up and get busy working their system. All seems great and you can just picture yourself driving a new luxury car and living in a palatial mansion in the best neighborhood.

But then your dream drives right off the rails. Sales don't seem to be coming in. You work the system, do everything the training materials tell you to, but very few sales happen.

You aren't earning six figures; you're making pocket change.

What Went Wrong?

Nine times out of ten you don't make money because you ran out of leads. You didn't have enough interested people you could talk into buying your product, service or join your opportunity.

So how do the top earners earn six figure incomes without working very hard at it? Simple. They have loads and loads of red hot leads.

Often top earners have hundreds and even thousands of interested leads they can pitch their offer to. When you have a big crowd of red hot prospects, it is easy to make sales -- and lots of them -- day after day.

How to Get Lots of Red Hot Leads

1. Gather interested leads with your own Mini Site. These are often one page sites featuring a sizzling short sales letter and a place to enter your name and email address. Doing so takes you to the main opportunity site.

Promote your mini site with search engines, pay-per-click ads, press releases, and articles to keep a steady flood of traffic landing at your mini site.

There are web site template providers who can give you a great looking template to put your sales letter in. WordPress is free and very easy to use. Then presto, your mini site is ready to roll.

2. Buy, beg, and borrow leads from others. Lots of services sell leads. Buy five or ten leads per day to work. Over time you can build those leads into many sales.

Even better, your upline leaders and others may give you fresh leads. This is one reason why so many top earners depend on partnership arrangements with other site owners. Offer to promote someone else's site in exchange for access to their list of customers and prospects. For example, have your partner send your sales letter to their email list.

3. Include a few lines about your opportunity at the bottom of all your emails. This is a very simple, low-tech way to promote. It's also highly effective.

Simply include a few lines -- 3 or 4 max -- about your opportunity in a signature file at the end of your email messages. Most email programs let you set this up to have your "sig" file included automatically.

4. Work social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very hot these days. Millions of people visit, post, and chat on them several times each day. These sites aren't difficult. They're designed for the average person, so don't let social media intimidate you.

5. Give away a free item. This is the classic lead generation method that built the careers of many top earners. Offer a free report, ebook, software program, or other downloadable item in exchange for the prospect's name and email address.

Next put their email address into your autoresponder and send them your messages every day for 7 to 10 days. This keeps your message in front of prospects until they buy.

Lazy Person's Way to Wealth

If all this sounds way too complicated and like too much work, have faith. There are opportunities that do most or all of this lead generation for you with the click of a few buttons. Before joining a program, take a close look at how it will help you get lots of red hot leads. Those leads will be your path to a six figure income as one of the Net's new top earners.
by Lars Johan Andersson
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Lars-Johan Andersson is one of Europe's top Network Marketing gurus. See his complete business system that delivers loads of red hot leads at http://BuddyInsider.com. Now you have a way to earn six figures through a non-stop supply of fresh leads.
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