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Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design(CAD), sometimes referred to as Computer Aided Design and Drafting(CADD) refers to the design process which is automated through computer applications. The software used in CAD can simulate real world scenarios and thus help the user to design immaculate and accurately sized mechanical parts and other such hardware equipments.

In today's day and age, computers are preferred for a number of designing purposes, such as the designing of high-tech equipment and small mechanical parts as all required measurements can be as accurate as possibly needed. This is a huge benefit to company's who require extensive designs and pro-type creations as this can save a great deal of money when conducting tests and simulations as inaccurate measurements will create inaccurate pieces, thus failed pieces. CAD computer software has the power to simulate real world conditions, making testing readily accessible for any prototype models with no high costs. Reality aspects such as pressure, friction and gravity are all perfectly simulated with the computer software make it an extremely dependable and reliable testing platform. For obvious reasons, the CAD tools and software come with a specific audience in mind. As they are highly performance oriented tools designed to be accurate, specificity becomes a very valid option for the developers and users alike. The CAD software is not just about creating shapes, but the interaction of the different materials and other natural factors. Materials and/or metallic attributes such as shine, corrosive resistance, elasticity and bouncing levels are also included within the tools on the CAD software. Similar tools such as AutoCAD and IronCAD are used to such a degree by engineers and designers a like that CAD has been the primary tool which has helped to create minute parts of devices which we use on an every day basis.

In the early beginnings of engineering, draftsmen and designers would rely on equipment such as compasses, protractors and drafting scales. Thanks to these advances in technology, CAD software tools not only simplify but have altered various aspects of engineering. There are a number of variations and updates that are added to software tools and suites for different application needs, making it a very comprehensive option.

Technology in computers:
As many of us are aware thanks to the internet and so forth, there are frequent advances and improvements occurring with information technology and computers everyday. These advances have made it possible for higher levels of simulation to be achieved from NURBS to the polygonal structures of multi-dimensions, which could have potentially been difficult without the processing prowess and the optimized technologies of the computers today. The technology is also scoping out a new trend in designs, simulation and in the entire engineering domain.

Future of CAD:
As a result of other areas of technology, we can expect that CAD will continue to develop in the future, opening up new and innovative methods of design and engineering for a number of different industries. This will aid in making users experiences of Cad equipment more intuitive and simple than they ever thought possible. Today's manufacturing industries are already benefitting greatly from the speed and accuracy which comes from using CAD which only means that as we are introduced to more advanced form of CAD technology, these manufacturing processes will become more efficient, cost effective and innovative than ever before.
by Jason Kay
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