Laminator Of All SortsLaminator Of All Sorts

Laminating is a fail-safe way of safe keeping your documents and pictures from dust, dirt and spoilage. You may be organized but it will be better if you will preserve your documents and pictures in a sure shot way. Laminating is a process of constricting a flat object into a thin layer of plastic. But be sure to use the proper laminating machine in order not to destroy the document or picture since once laminated it would be impossible to remove said document or picture without the risk of damaging it. Below are three different types of laminating machines.

• Pouch Laminator- This is the commonly used type of laminator, it is small and handy and can be used at offices and at homes. It is also affordable and can be used not only in business but also in safekeeping house hold documents like school records, important IDs and certificates. Laminating pouches is used in this type of laminator. It is fed into the machine together with the document or picture to be laminated. Though it may be handy its uses is limited since it is small, it can only laminate certain size and thickness.

• Roll Laminators- These are big machines most often used by big establishments and businesses. It can laminate many documents at a time be it of any shape and size, regardless of how thick and thin it would be. It also automatically trims down excess laminated plastic. Instead of using small laminating pouch, they use the large industrial roll one's since the documents to be laminated are also vast in number and size. This is recommended in big establishments, though it might be expensive, the cost to be used small machines will be the same and if you use this it will increase your productivity. Efficiency and speed is the main advantage of this type though this is mostly used in industrial operations where they do things in bulk.

• Cold Laminators- Just like the pouch laminator, it is handy and can only laminate small number of documents and pictures and small sizes of it as well. Instead of using heat, just like most laminators do, this one only uses pressure and adhesive. It is actually much handy than a pouch laminator since it runs without electricity and also safer, since it is a "cold laminator" therefore it doesn't produce heat. Though it seems to have a lot advantages, durability of the laminated product may have to be sacrificed since the pouch is not heated, it is not as durable as that of a heat based pouch laminator.

This is just but a three types of laminators, you will find that under this three there are a lot more brands. There are laminators specially made for you preferred use, laminators which differ in sizes and laminators which feed a certain type of document, picture and paper. It is up to you to find the perfect laminator which will help you preserve the thing that matter to you most.
by JT Philips
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