Advantages And Types Of Pedal CarsAdvantages And Types Of Pedal Cars

Children's pedal cars date back to a time shortly after real automobiles hit the road. The original pedal cars were made of high quality materials such as metal and rubber and were geared towards children of wealthy families. In fact, the cost of a pedal car in the early 1900's would be similar to paying $2,000 for one today. These toys eventually became commonplace and today they appear in a variety of styles and materials--not to mention that they are much more affordable than they were 100 years ago!

If you are considering a pedal toy for your little one, you'll soon find that there are many advantages to this style of toy, as well as many pedal toys out there from which to choose. Pedal cars not only allow a child to explore a fusion of transportation and play, but they also incorporate exercise into playtime. If your child has shown an interest in farming equipment, you might consider purchasing a pedal car in the form of a combine, tractor, or truck. There are many adventures to be had on the farm, particularly if your child has the right equipment for the job!

If your little one dreams of being a hero, then a police, fire truck, or military plane pedal toy may be just the ticket to encouraging active playtime. These pedal cars are quite realistic and are complete with static accessories such as a spotlight or ladder. The paint and stickers that adorn the cars in this category are quite true to life and make them look strikingly like a miniature version of the real thing.

Another great type of children's pedal car is the vintage variety. Old 1920's and 30's roadsters, classic 50's cars, 60's hot rods, and even earlier styles such as the model T Ford are available to choose from. Imagine your daughter zooming around in a fin-tailed 50's Chevrolet or your son winning an imaginary race with his all-black 1930's speedster pedal car! These versions are what many of us consider to be the "traditional" pedal cars and are often extremely accurate in their portrayal of the originals vehicles. In fact, you might have had a pedal toy just like this as a child!

While many of these styles are meant to replicate an actual vehicle that was on the road at some point in time, others aim for a more imaginative style. For example, a "pretty in pink" pedal plane is a great choice for a little girl who wants to feel like she's Amelia Earhart. Even though it's not based on a particular airplane, she'll surely have a lot of fun with the idea of a pink plane.

Buying your child a pedal toy provides many benefits over modern battery-operated toys. Pedal cars are designed to help your child learn coordinated movements while encouraging interactive and creative play. As pedal cars are primarily intended for outdoor use, you will likely find that your child will be spending more time outside and less time watching TV or playing on the computer. Pedal cars are a great way to encourage your child's imagination to soar and can create plenty of wonderful memories to reflect upon in the future.
by Christopher P Clark
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