Dragging Employees Thru Drug TestingDragging Employees Thru Drug Testing

All employers are threatened of being sued at any time for cause or made up claims. Lawyers are indeed the new terrorists of the twenty first century. It is for this reason that all employers have to watch and monitor their workers at all times. This includes testing them to make sure that they are not on drugs. But employers also need to cognizant that if they tell their workers they are doing mandatory drug testing then the workers will feel as if they are being accused and thus feel as if they are not being trusted.

But if an employer does not get rid of those workers who may have drugs in their system then if there is an accident they might be named in a lawsuit if the worker is found to have drugs in their system. It is a catch 22, indeed, but all employers have to realize how serious this issue is. It is also wise to get rid of those workers who are doing drugs before they go nuts during work hours with other employees or blow up at customers. Worse off over 55% of all employee theft has a drug related issue behind it. So, it makes sense to stop the problem before having it.

When planning a mandatory drug test with employees it would make sense to tell them all these things in advance and explain your situation and that it is not that you do not trust them personally, but for the drug testing to be legally legitimate you must test everyone in case you find one or two who are doing drugs. So, do mandatory drug testing but be careful how you approach this issue in your company. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

by Lance Winslow
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