How To Use Pepper SprayHow To Use Pepper Spray

Regardless of the self defense method you use, the key to escaping an attack is knowing how to utilize it correctly. Even though pepper spray is designed so that anyone can use it effectively, there are still some tips to keep in mind to make sure you're using it as effectively as possible.

A pepper spray canister works like a can of spray paint or hairspray. Just aim at your attacker's face and press the button. Most are designed to be used with the index finger, while others are more comfortably deployed using your thumb. Understand what type of canister you have and how it is best to hold it in order to feel comfortable using it.

While you're holding the pepper spray, never reach your hand out in front of you. This gives a chance for the attacker to smack the canister right out of your hand. It's better to hold the canister closer to you, spraying from a slightly greater distance, than to hold it far in front of you in order to spray from a closer distance without actually having to move your body closer to the attacker.

As you shoot, keep your eye on the attacker. You may be tempted to shut your eyes tightly to shield them from any potential effect of the pepper spray, but it is absolutely critical at this point in time that you watch your attacker being sprayed with your self defense spray. Shoot for 2 to 3 seconds, watching the reaction of your assailant. If it looks like you need to utilize another spray, do so immediately. Many attackers will turn and run at the first sign of pepper spray, while others will need several bursts of pepper spray before they're incapacitated.

Once the pepper spray starts to have a visible effect, leaving your assailant coughing, choking, or slumping to the ground, begin backing away slowly. As soon as it's safe to do so, run quickly to a safe location.

There are several ways of aiming the spray at your attacker. One is simply to point the canister towards your attacker's face and spray it while holding your aim steady. Another is to use the 'fan technique,' spraying quickly from side to side, which allows the spray to cover more ground. Always keep your eye on the assailant to be sure that no matter the technique you use, the spray is reaching their face.

Not only must you know how to use the pepper spray, but you also must carry it properly. Pepper spray will do you no good if it's at home in a desk drawer while you're being attacked. Always carry your pepper spray in the same location, such as a jacket pocket or a specific area of your purse, so that you can grab it quickly. Know where your canister is at all times, always make sure your canister has plenty of spray, and know how to place it in your hand quickly.

While these are the basics for using pepper spray effectively, always check your local and state laws before carrying a canister of pepper spray for self defense. Many have rules regarding what types of pepper spray can be carried and where they can be used. By understanding these rules, you can use your pepper spray confidently when the time comes to protect yourself.
by Richard Armen
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