Zero Tolerance Is Coming For Drinking And Driving CasesZero Tolerance Is Coming For Drinking And Driving Cases

No one ever thinks of the consequences when they get behind the wheel of a car knowing full well that they should not be there. Taking alcohol and driving is not the thing anymore and those who attempt to do this are just asking for trouble for sure. When these erstwhile drivers get caught though, there is often something that they can do to mitigate the punishment that will surely follow as long as they find the right expert. Try looking up 'DUI Lawyer' or 'DUI attorneys' to see which experts offer this kind of service.

We have all probably been there before, the party where everyone was enjoying themselves, taking that extra drink to keep the party going full swing. Many people try to work out metabolism rates etc so that they can squeeze in one more drink without being too worried about alcohol levels etc. However, the body is a very strange machine in that what will affect it today may not affect it in the same way tomorrow.

What we have eaten during the day, and the party come to that, how we slept the previous night and how stressed we are all have some impact on the body so the metabolism is no exact science by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, most people tend to forget the small 'add-on' bits of alcohol that is hidden in food and do not take it into account.

Sherry trifles, much vaunted at some gatherings, cough medicine and drugs all play a part in how the body handles alcohol. These, along with the lack of food during the day, will all serve to boost the transmission of alcohol into the blood stream and it is this that gets people into trouble with the law.

However, that being said, there are some states which are now contemplating zero tolerance to alcohol but this actually makes life easier for those who want to imbibe. If everyone knows that they cannot take one single drink then there is no fine line between legal and illegal amounts of alcohol in the blood. Once that first drink is swallowed, the car has to be driven by someone who has taken nothing at all, or stays put until the next day at least.

Once the driver has been caught out though, it is surely time to find a good expert to help them through the trials and tribulations that will follow. Those whose job depends on them having a car will be worst hit since they may well have their license taken away so it is important that the expert knows what to expect in the court.

Some experts will have been through the routine many times before and may well be able to get the driver a second chance if the circumstances surrounding the case permit. This includes those who were only a few points over the limit, or those who had some emergency where no else could help at that time. However, this is a rare occurrence so do not bank on it.
by Ellie Lewis
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Ellie Lewis recently worked with a Cincinnati DUI Lawyer while conducting research for a new article. She learned quite a bit about the merits of hiring a great attorney when she spent a day with a small group of Cincinnati DUI attorneys helping to make their practices more efficient.
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